The Condition of Christianity

Recently I was surprised to find Cindy Redburn at an event about the Lavoy Finicum tragedy.  We were able to hear from his widow about the details of his life and why it’s important for us to be Constitutional!

There are a lot of perspectives on how Christianity is doing.  I was appalled a few weeks ago when the United Methodist Denomination felt it necessary to take a vote on allowing sexual perverts to be leaders in their churches. Thankfully, they did the right thing, but the fact that they had to have this discussion says plenty. 

If this denomination had not failed to exercise biblical church discipline earlier, it wouldn’t have come to this.  This vote was on the question of whether churches will live by the Bible or not.  What’s the point of having a church if God’s laws are volitional and no longer relevant?  It becomes nothing more than a tax-exempt social club!

Some on the left end of the political spectrum have wormed their way into churches for the opportunity to manipulate the direction of the church.  Their goal is to make ideas – abhorrent to our faith – seem socially acceptable.

Fortunately, a recent study shows that denominations choosing to continue down the left-wing slide are losing members.  A loss of membership will eventually mean a loss of financial sustainability.  The leaders of these churches are not only in big trouble with God, but they’re slowly losing their parishioners as well.

Here are the highlights:  “Mainline churches are tanking as if they have super-sized millstones around their necks. Yes, these churches are hemorrhaging members in startling numbers, but many of those folks are not leaving Christianity. They are simply going elsewhere….One-third of Americans hold that the Bible is the actual word of God. Fewer than 10 percent believe so in similar countries….The folks at Pew have been reporting for years that while the mainline churches are in drastic free fall, the group that “shows the most significant growth is the nondenominational family….When the so-called “progressive” churches question the historicity of Jesus, deny the reality of sin, support abortion, ordain clergy in same-sex relationships and perform their marriages, people desiring real Christianity head elsewhere. Fact: evangelical churches gain five new congregants exiled from the liberal churches for every one they lose for any reason. They also do a better job of retaining believers from childhood to adulthood than do mainline churches.”

What do you think about these “mainline denominations” that no longer fear God?


1.) Get informed about what’s happening in our Country.  If you’re in a church that doesn’t teach the Bible, get out of it.  You only have so many grains of sand in your hourglass.  Don’t waste your time sitting under teaching that isn’t the truth of the Bible.

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  • Lora T

    I do not want to be standing anywhere near one of these churches when the next thunderstorm rolls through…just in case God decides it’s time to bypass its lightning rods…

  • George Thompson

    Not much to think about any denomination which no longer fears the Lord our Father. They have chosen Mammon and will, unless they repent and atone for their being ravening wolves fleecing their flocks, they will come to an unfortunate end.

    I do appreciate the works of Ruth Magnusson Davis who with Baruch House Publishing id writing an updated version of the Matthew Bible which was so important to bringing the Written Word to those English speakers lacking access to the Latin Vulgate. Her Matthew Bible New Testament is freely available on Bible Gateway I recently finished reading her book “The Story of the Matthew Bible” which explains why the Bible attributed to Thomas Matthew, and what was his true name and why it was so important to use a nom de plume was so important. She left me seeking a copy of the Great Bible from which I can copy and paste important passages. I’m also looking for books on or by an important voice of the Reformation named Johannes Oecolampadius (house-shine). Any help will be well received.

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