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It’s hard to listen to the news about shootings, fiscal cliffs and governmental obesity every year.  I don’t even like reading e-mail from well-meaning acquaintances who bear more bad news.  Many want to quit caring about their government.  One of my friends summed it up well by saying, “I am weary of politics.”  I fully understand.  It’s hard to care about something and work hard for change only to be disappointed in the result, time and time again.You may be wondering what I am going to do about the condition in which we now find ourselves.  As I am coming up on my two year anniversary of leaving public office, I want to assure you that there is plenty we are going to do.

On Christmas day, I asked my father if his orchid needed water and he told me it is going dormant.  There are benefits of going dormant for a season.  Poinsettias, orchids and caterpillars serve as examples.
In our area, Poinsettias will not bloom again unless they go into a dark closet with very little water for several weeks.  Although they have already given their best, instead of quitting, they regain more strength for a bigger, stronger and more impressive display later.Likewise, it’s okay for us to have different seasons in our lives where we may appear to be dormant, yet a great deal of beneficial work is being accomplished.  We are assessing what needs to happen for us to restore our nation to the freedom, glory and righteousness we once enjoyed.

Dick Bott recently interviewed me on his radio program, “The Complete Story”.  In this broadcast you will hear the analysis update and our suggested solutions.

You can here it by clicking here:

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Hoping you had a very special
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Rep. Davis with some friends at the Capitol for a pro-life rally.


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