Tax Day

166713_10151437155782701_1478449942_nThere’s something very nice about being able to enjoy the reward for our hard labors.  Last week we celebrated my husband’s birthday.  He teasingly smiled and said if he should precede me in death I am to put “No more death. No more taxes”, on his tombstone.

Wouldn’t it be nice if April 15th were just another day on the calendar?  Instead it conjures up thoughts of obligations to the government.  I always wonder why I have to pay interest to the government if we guessed too low, but they don’t have to pay interest to me if we guessed high?

For those who still think you can’t legislate morality, let me remind you that taking hard earned fruits of someone’s labor is a moral decision imposed upon us by government.  One’s time is the summary of one’s life.  A favorite speaker and author, Ravi Zacharias said, “Money is congealed life.”  It is government’s position that we should devote a portion of our lives to them for their purposes regardless of whether we agree with their spending choices or not.

I was invited to speak at a rally at the Missouri Capitol on April 15—Tax Day!  The rally will go from noon to 9;00 pm.  I will be presenting a talk called “The Morality of Taxation” on the capitol steps around 1:40 pm.

Your thoughts on taxation are important to me, so please share what you think here:
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Tonight on Home Front we will be talking with Earl Williamson, Executive Director of Missouri Fair Tax, who is organizing a rally at the Capitol.  I will be one of the speakers and urge all of you to come out and be inspired.  Call in with your questions:
(347) 677-1835

or join us on the Internet from 8-9 by going to:

A Little Bit of Humor…


IRS agent to taxpayer:  "I'm afraid we can't allow you to deduct 
last year's tax as a bad investment."


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