• Scott Lively – Drag Queens and Supreme Courts


    All this escalation of sexual perversion in our faces is getting tiresome.  We can see our culture getting darker, but we don’t always know why.  On our show today, you’re going to find out what’s the root cause of all this social chaos.  You will leave with a much deeper understanding of the problem and be encouraged by what you can do about it.

    On today’s show, we interview Scott Lively.  Scott Lively is an American activist, author, attorney, and former Massachusetts gubernatorial candidate. He is the president of Abiding Truth Ministries.

    He explains the harm done to our Country through bad Supreme Court decisions and helps us understand how and why that has put us in a bad situation for our future.

  • Sex-Ed “Sit-Out”


    Today we interview Rhonda Miller.  Rhonda is on the front lines with an effort to sit out of school on Monday, April 23rd to get the attention of the educational bureaucrats.  She shares what’s happening in our country with a Sex Education Sit Out and why it’s important for us to do something about it.

    Parents can sign a petition that says this:

    “We, as concerned parents and community members, are sick of the sexualization of our children! We say NO to graphic, gender-bending, promiscuity-promoting sex education for our kids.

    We demand that public schools stop treating our children like guinea pigs in some social engineering experiment. We demand that schools respect parents’ values and parents’ authority.

    We will not stand for our tax money being used to promote sexual liberation, deviance, and gender confusion to our precious kids. In protest, we stand together with those parents pulling their children out of public school on April 23rd for the sex ed sit out.”

    Studies show these programs are doing more harm than good.  Watch “The War on Children” at SexEdReport.org to educate yourself.

  • Alice Patterson – Justice at the Gate


    Remember the Alamo!  There is a lot more happening in San Antonio than just historic relics.  You thought the war was over, but we now are engaged in another war.  When the San Antonio City Council decided to ban people from being involved in their city if they ever spoke out against moral degradation, they started a new kind of war with their citizens and with the constitution.

    Join us as we talk with Alice Patterson from  Justice at the Gate.  She will share with us her story of the struggle and what you need to know when it comes to your city.  http://www.justiceatthegate.org/

  • Remember the Alamo!

    Remember the Alamo 1

    The story of the Alamo can be summarized by explaining that some brave soldiers fought to preserve their territory.  They fought to the death for what they believed and are honored in history for their heroism.  Today there is another battle brewing in San Antonio over a new law with the capacity to stifle our First Amendment freedom of speech and freedom of religion rights.  Our right to think for ourselves, especially when it favors virtue, is inalienable.

    I’ve visited the city of San Antonio twice—once for the National League of Cities Conference and another time when our son graduated from Air Force Military Boot Camp.  San Antonio has a great tradition for which it should be proud.  Now the San Antonio City Council has brought more national attention to itself by passing a new law.   This law may be able to disqualify anyone from serving as an elected official, an appointed official, or from having any contract with the city if that person has ever spoken out against perversion or attends a church where the pastor has spoken out against perversion.