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Military Issues with Retired Marine, Randy Stufflebeam


On our show today, you will learn what it means to declare war, what kind of unconstitutional behavior we are getting out of Congress and why we still have hope for America. We share some insights from a retired Marine, Randy Stufflebeam, who shows us the right way to get out of our quagmire.

When you listen to our program, you will hear the truth that hurts, but you’ll also learn some reasons to have hope for America.

Memorial Day At the Veteran’s Walk in O’Fallon


When I was in city government, we acquired land for a new I-70 interchange project.  Instead of leaving the remnant to go to waste, we decided to build a memorial for the veterans.  People from all over come to O’Fallon to see our memorial.


This Memorial Day, we honored those who served our country by participating in the ceremony in O’Fallon. Continue reading