• Houston, We Have a Problem

    Houston 1

    If you are my age or older, you will remember when Houston was the home of “Mission Control” for our space missions. We should feel sorry for our children that they won’t know the wonders of NASA. It seems our government traded NASA for the NSA spying on us. Instead of exploring new frontiers, our government is obsessed with exploring our personal e-mail, phone records and monitoring what we say on Facebook. Yet, the loss of our space program is only an indicator of different priorities from our national government.

    Another symptom of a change in our country is what is happening down in Houston. (Houston to Pastors: Forget Your Sermons Now Want Your Speeches) When I heard about how the Mayor of Houston was treating her churches, the first thought that popped into my head was how much I wish I lived in Houston so I could run against her in the next election. You can relax. I’m not seriously thinking of doing this! (Mom, don’t worry.)

  • Remember the Alamo!

    Remember the Alamo 1

    The story of the Alamo can be summarized by explaining that some brave soldiers fought to preserve their territory.  They fought to the death for what they believed and are honored in history for their heroism.  Today there is another battle brewing in San Antonio over a new law with the capacity to stifle our First Amendment freedom of speech and freedom of religion rights.  Our right to think for ourselves, especially when it favors virtue, is inalienable.

    I’ve visited the city of San Antonio twice—once for the National League of Cities Conference and another time when our son graduated from Air Force Military Boot Camp.  San Antonio has a great tradition for which it should be proud.  Now the San Antonio City Council has brought more national attention to itself by passing a new law.   This law may be able to disqualify anyone from serving as an elected official, an appointed official, or from having any contract with the city if that person has ever spoken out against perversion or attends a church where the pastor has spoken out against perversion.

  • “Lovers Gonna Love & Haters Gonna Hate”

    Lovers Gonna Love 1
    Here is a photo of the lovers—folks who care enough about their communities to work toward preserving our moral foundation, regardless of the consequences. Saturday night we were at “The Battle Cry” on Saturday in St. Louis with Bernie Davis, Danny Holliday, Chris Clegg, Mark Kiser, Rick Simpson and Bill Federer.

    Christian persecution is a reality in foreign countries, but we never thought we would see it here in the land of the free and the home of the brave.   We sometimes see people being mean spirited in the private sector, but when it comes from our government, it’s time to call a foul.  Whether you like the man occupying the White House or not, he is the commander of the military and is ultimately, responsible for the behavior of all branches of our military.  This week the Army started training their soldiers to view Christians and those who adhere to Biblical principles as domestic haters.

    Communists, Muslims, Atheists and those who are hostile to the Bible have historically despised Christians.  Now we find ourselves in a situation where our government is treating Christians, who stand for protecting innocent life and have done more to help the planet than any other group of people, (Salvation Army, hospitals, soup kitchens, Samaritan’s Purse, YMCA, prison ministries, food pantries, helping foreign countries, etc.) as though they were the bad guys.

  • Aaron Brummitt: Arrested for Street Preaching – Does the First Amendment Still Apply?


    We hear about deplorable abuses in other countries where they don’t have constitutional protections, but what attacks on our first amendment are happening here?  We expect our government to protect the innocent and punish the guilty?  What happens when our government starts arresting the good guys?

    Join us for this episode as we talk with Aaron Brummitt, pastor of a church in Springfield Missouri.  He was arrested for street preaching. (see KSPR TV news story)

    Springfield is in the heart of the “Bible Belt” of our country.  If it could happen here, it can happen anywhere. (read the story at ChristianNews.net)