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Chuck Baldwin – What About Israel?


Is America an exceptional nation or an exemptional nation? Is Israel today the same Israel it was during Biblical times? You’re about to learn some extraordinary principles to help you understand and interpret international events.

On our show, we interview Dr. Chuck Baldwin. Dr. Baldwin is a radio broadcaster, syndicated columnist, and pastor dedicated to preserving the historic principles upon which America was founded. He also ran for president in 2008.

We talk about his recently released series on The Church and Israel.

Chuck Baldwin – Getting Government Out of Marriage


Have you ever wondered if churches should register with the state to become tax exempt?

Have you ever wondered if people should have to get a marriage license from their state in order to get married?

On today’s edition of Home Front, we get into these issues and get you some good answers.  We have a talk with Dr. Chuck Baldwin about the importance of getting churches out of the 501c3 trap and how to get the government out of the marriage business.

Chuck Baldwin’s website is www.chuckbaldwinlive.com

Chuck Baldwin

In today’s episode, we talk with Chuck Baldwin.  This is your chance to hear some little known details about his campaigns.  We catch up with Chuck to find out what he has done since then.

“Chuck” Baldwin (born May 3, 1952) is the  founder-pastor of Crossroad Baptist Church in Pensacola,Florida.  And is now the pastor of Liberty Fellowship in Montana.  He was the presidential nominee of the Constitution Party for the 2008 U.S. presidential election and ran for U.S. vice president in 2004. He hosts a daily one-hour radio program, Chuck Baldwin Live, and writes an editorial column for News with Views.

Where Do We Go From Here?

Where Do We Go -1Here we are at the Covenant America Conference with Sheriff Mack, Ray Kish and Laurie Kish in Kansas City.  I was asked to speak before Glenn Beck in one of the break out sessions.  For those of you who were unable to make it to the conference, you can watch the talk I gave here:  


I have seen government programs suspended by strikes, but I never thought I would see a day when people would be punished and even threatened with arrest if they offer their services voluntarily to help others and ease the stress.  Usually during tumultuous times the beauty of the American Spirit rises up and we prove that we can and will take care of ourselves.

With so much daily news on the partial government shutdown and the vindictive, even going as far as to attacking the right for the military to worshipbehavior coming out of Washington DC, it’s time for some good news. Continue reading