• Speaker of the House

    Speaker of the House 1

    While listening to a talk show Saturday, I heard Rep. Blaine Luetkemeyer discussing John Boehner’s resignation. Luetkemeyer credited the outgoing Speaker with growing the largest Republican majority since 1947. So now we know the Speaker is responsible for those electoral victories. The credit was attributed to his ability to generate campaign donations. It’s not about the character, the platform, the virtues, the fiscal or social policies. It’s about the money.

    After listening to a lot of rhetoric about the direction of Washington DC, it seems like the representatives created this climate by choosing which Speaker could raise the most money for their reelection bids. This is common on all levels of government.

    We may never hear what the House members did to encourage John Boehner to leave, but we should hope that the Senators will do the same to replace their leader with one more interested in the good of America as well.