• Special Analysis for the Voters

    This photo was taken at one of my Election Night Parties.   It always feels good to be surrounded by family and friends.
    This photo was taken at one of my Election Night Parties.
    It always feels good to be surrounded by family and friends.

    This is the first time in the past 20 years my name has not been on the ballot. If you ask my husband, he will tell you it feels pretty good. Like Kenny Rogers sang, “You’ve got to know when to hold ’em…know when to fold ’em…know when to walk away…know when to run….”

    Just because I didn’t run doesn’t mean I was not deeply engaged in researching and analyzing the process of learning. Today I share with you some insights you might find helpful.

  • Bureaucracy – The Saga of the License Bureau

    7.31You would think that with government growing bigger than ever before, governmental representatives would be nicer, more efficient and exude a tone of gratitude to the taxpayers.  Not so.

    Several weeks ago, my son went to the license bureau to get his driver license renewed.  They told him another young man, born on the same date with a similar name, was convicted in San Diego for driving under the influence.  As a result, they refused to renew my son’s driver license.

    I learned quite a bit about just how “big brother” can end up being “big bully”.  A federal law requires all states to import information into a national database where Missouri is required to check before renewing licenses.  However, California includes a bare amount of information to incriminate a wide group of people, but is not specific enough to vindicate the innocent.  They use no photo, finger prints, no middle name, a Social Security number or a driver license number.  All that goes onto this list is the first four characters of the first and last name with a birth date.

  • Legislative Results of the 2012 Session

    Want to guess?  Government grew Bigger

    TPaine1Last week I attended the State Committee meeting in Columbia.  During the meeting I gave a brief overview of the legislative session.  Now that the dust has settled, it is clearer than ever.   Despite the fact that self identified “Conservatives” are in control of the legislature, our government continues to increase in size and intrusiveness every year.  This year was no exception.

    Many legislators try to justify their actions by claiming they have great reasons for voting to increase the expense and encroachment of government.  I know from spending eight years in the legislature how easy it is to follow the crowd while the taxpayers end up getting the shaft and the tab.  As a result, most bills now headed to the governor’s desk are unconstitutional, make government bigger, more oppressive, more expensive or are a waste of paper because the problem they seek to correct is already addressed in current law.  Additionally, the unintended consequences usually set off a new chain of foibles.