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President Trump nominated Brett M. Kavanaugh to the US Supreme Court.  I have heard good reports about Kavanaugh, so it doesn’t bother me that he is a man and has light skin or if he’s a minority.  If he upholds the Constitution, that is the main criteria!

The role of the US Supreme Court is not to represent the latest political philosophy of the day.  We have elections for that.  The Supreme Court is supposed to hear individual cases through the measuring stick of the US Constitution and render an OPINION as to how the Constitution applies in these circumstances.

The candidates who win their elections make laws and represent us.  The appointed judges are supposed to represent the law, which includes the Constitution.  We don’t get to appoint our judges, but we can pressure our senators to confirm the appointment.  The timing can’t be better because many senators are up for re-election one month after the confirmation vote is expected.

The US Supreme Court nomination is about far more than abortion.  Even if the US Supreme Court overturns Roe v. Wade, that would revert life decisions back to the states.  All these scare tactics are a disgrace to the oath of the office.

There is no excuse for the uncivil behavior from the left over this nomination.  When Elena Kagan and Sonia Sotomayor were nominated, those who were on the right just accepted that the Democrat President would appoint someone who upholds his left-wing ideology.  We had no mobs or fear of violence.  “To the victor goes the spoils”.  We accept that the President will always nominate someone who resonates with his political philosophy.

Even though we knew Barack Obama would pick US Supreme Court justices who were progressive and would push left-wing ideology, the senators realized they couldn’t fight against it unless the nominee had some type of shady or criminal background or had demonstrated poor character.  As a result, there were plenty of Republican Senators who voted for the confirmation of Barack Obama’s appointees.  A confirmation vote is not the same as an election!

While some people celebrated the latest decision of the US Supreme Court over a Christian baker case, we must temper our euphoria with reality.  If we measured the decision according to how it squared up with the Constitution, we wouldn’t be so happy.  It actually created a foundation for worse decisions yet to come.  What has the Supreme Court done for Conservatives? 

Those on the left wing have many reasons to be satisfied.  In our lifetime, we have seen the US Supreme Court shift the Country the wrong way, regardless of which president made the appointment.  Our culture has progressively become less restrained, more godless and unprincipled.  The left wing is putting up a fight to keep it that way.  The right needs to fight as hard as the left does for what we believe.

Here’s a quote from Barack Obama: “…in those difficult cases, the critical ingredient is supplied by what is in the judge’s heart….”  Ha….This doesn’t speak well for just interpreting the Constitution.  The Constitution was never designed to be twisted into current politically popular philosophy of the day or by what’s in a specific judge’s heart.  Hopefully, whatever is in a justice’s heart is a conscience directed by God’s principles and an understanding of the obligation to follow the Constitution-the Supreme Ruler and the supreme law of the land.

We can’t compromise our way to victory.  Our victory only comes from having moral leaders who fear God and keep his Commandments.

What do you think about the US Supreme Court nominee?

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  • Lewis Bybee

    Cynthia, a well written document, thanks. I have no problem with the selection, any one of the 4 would have been alright. But the left has come out as opposing any nominee (ahead of time no less) it’s about opposing Trump, it’s going to get bitter I’m afraid.

  • Avery Fortenberry

    The reason for voting for a Conservative or a Republican in the last election was the Supreme Court and replacement Jurist. Actually IT IS the reason to vote Conservative every time. We need to take back control of the judiciary from the extreme left so that judicial decisions follow the constitution and the laws as written by congress. Legislating from the “Bench” is not how our Republic was supposed to work.

  • Dan Jestic

    Dems should be jumping for joy that a near-Kennedy clone (who CLERKED for the unpredictable Kennedy) was nominated. He has the intellect–11 of his appellate DISSENTS were referenced by SCOTUS overturning his colleagues who got it wrong!
    The problem is that liberals began looking to the courts to enact an agenda that they can’t sell to Americans or drive through the legislature, making SCOTUS a stronger rather than weaker branch than was intended.
    The Christian baker case was horrible…the Court sidestepped the fundamental issue, addressing only the anti-religious animus by the city council, leaving open the question as to whether a baker can be coerced into creating a personalized depiction violating the Bible. Yet today, there’s a judge who issued an injunction against execution of the death penalty because the pharmaceutical company that sold the execution drug–a mass marketed commodity–indicated they didn’t LIKE how the customer was going to use it…AFTER THE SALE. How these two things square up is beyond my comprehension, but I KNOW what the Court would say if the baker filed suit to halt the wedding because his cake was involved.

  • Ted Sitek

    Great choice. This man has already garnered the respect of the Supreme Court Judges whom he’ll be working alongside. I would have preferred for the only female candidate, Amy Coney Barrett, to be chosen for the bench. But politics being what it is would only slow down the confirmation hearing process to a standstill. If another Justice retires I’m confident Barrett will be our next nominee. Now we get to listen to all the ridiculous arguments of how Kavanaugh amassed considerable debt on baseball tickets. What they don’t want you to know is that he consistently orchestrated the season ticket distribution amongst friends who paid him back. Today the Kavanaugh debt is primarily mortage on their residence. This merely speaks to me that Kavanaugh and his spouse have good credit. I’m just waiting for the next “story” to hit the press proclaiming the clandestine faults of this man and his family. God Bless your choice Mr. President. We right-thinking Americans are behind you and Mr. Kavanaugh 100%.

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