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Here is a picture of true wealth – four generations – all from intact families.  This week we welcomed my newest grandchild.  My children have done a fabulous job of keeping the score even — six grandsons and six granddaughters!


Real poverty happens when a culture becomes morally bankrupt.  There is nothing more unAmerican than to shame and shun people just because of holding patriotic philosophy.   In this case, the victims are Center-Right, Constitutional, Liberty-Leaning, or Christian groups.  Those who are carrying on the torch of freedom from those who bled and died so we could have these opportunities—A.K.A. the bedrock of our society!

The Southern Poverty Law Center is not about the South, poverty or laws.  It is focused on name-calling and has tarnished its own credibility by lurching to the left.

On today’s show, we explain the subversive efforts by the Southern Poverty Law Center, what it is doing to unravel our rights, but more importantly, we share with you what you can do to protect yourself.

Today we interview the President and founder of the Pacific Justice Institute, Brad Dacus.   The Pacific Justice Institute has a network with hundreds of attorneys committed to defending our religious liberties and our Constitution.

What do you think is the biggest threat to our freedom of speech?

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