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When we went to the open house at our local high school, I was shocked to see this posted on lockers in every hallway, above every drinking fountain, in every bathroom, even taped to the back of the stall doors.  Somebody went “hog wild” making sure every child and parent saw that there is an opportunity to further confuse children.

Here’s a question for you:  If in the eyes of the law, it is illegal for children to be having sex before they are at least 17 years of age, why are we promoting sex in the public schools?

Some people think “the sexual revolution” was a phenomenon of the 1960s.  But the sexual revolution is still revolving…like a tornado…and leaving devastation in its path.  Fortunately, there are a few people noticing and taking action to slow down the destruction.  Missouri made national news recently by exposing the evil in the sex education curriculum promoted in a school district near me.  The organization, Mass Resistance, tells the story in this recent newsletter.

Why is it called “sex education” instead of “marriage education”?  Perhaps a better description for the class is “perversion education”.  How many lives have been destroyed because they were ushered into a life of promiscuity that began in the classroom, thinking that is normal?  This is a molestation of the mind.

The saddest secret is the destruction and harm created in people’s lives.  People can’t fill their minds with pollution—in a governmental setting—and not be affected.  The people who stand the most to lose are the women and children.  Where are the people standing up for them?    The winds of public attitude have shifted from treating ladies as something special to where we have turned a higher percentage of our women and girls into sexual objects made available to those who want a cheap thrill.

Instead of viewing women as our noble daughters, mothers, sisters, neighbors, parishioners and other meaningful people in our lives, our culture has replaced our nobility and discernment with animalistic behavior.  The end result will diminish our honor and respect for one another as we have cheapened the quality of our lives and normalized promiscuity and perversion.

As a result, more children are now coming into the world without a married mother and father.  This is a documented factor in the increase of poverty, academic disadvantage, emotional pain and spiritual blight.  On a larger scale, the human misery quotient is off the charts.  Is this what we want for our next generation?

What is the answer?  Some will say the culture is necessitating the sex ed classes.  Others are saying the sex ed classes are promoting more promiscuity.  I would call it a death spiral.  Each is exacerbating the other.  The answer is found in discovering what is valuable and what is causing damage.  We need a return to morality and virtue, but it won’t be quick or easy.

On our show today, our guest, Audrey Werner, founder and president of The Matthew XVIII Group, shares with us some reasons for hope.  Listen to our show today to find some encouragement and some good ideas for where to go next.

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There’s plenty of regret to go around.   If you are one of those people who has been harmed by the culture, I offer you my deepest sympathy and hope.  There is a better way.  This is one of my favorite music videos:  I hope it encourages you as well.

I hope I can encourage all of you to stay the course. Forward and promote my newsletter to others who need to know there is a better way.

Thank you for your support and encouragement as we fight to take America Back!

What You Can Do…

1.)  Get involved.  If you live in Missouri, go to the Missouri Mass Resistance website here.  Send an e-mail to the organizers and offer to help them with their effort.  There is power in numbers!  If you don’t live in Missouri, you still have problems because this is a nationwide issue.  It will be coming to a school district near you—ready or not. So get ready!

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  • Bob

    Great episode – I was pleasantly surprised by it. Sex education is an old topic and opposition to it tends to conjure up images of prudish old religious people who think “it isn’t polite to talk about things like that.” However, I was impressed with the message and information in this program. This is not about being offended by the notion of talking about sex, but about how our maker made us, how we develop, what is being taught in the government schools and how it is damaging children and society. This needs to be understood.

  • Danny Richardson

    Agree with you totally and the GOV has been doing just that for a long time now ever since they took prayer out of the class in some areas not even the pledge of allegiance is allowed.

    God Bless your the best!

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