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  • Abigail Nobel

    Cynthia, another great interview! I hope your guest will explore a little more the meaning of inherent, God-given rights, and their connection to both Constitution/Bill of Rights and life under rule of law.
    It’s important to understand that having a law on the books is NOT what makes something “legal.”
    This is America! New things are a way of life here, whether or not the law mentions them. The burden of proof is upon the law to show that new things (or a return to old things) are wrong and forbidden by law.
    I lived the early homeschooling years in the 70s. My family was prosecuted for “truancy” and won– not because a new law was passed making home schooling “legal,” either. (That did happen much later.) But my parents were justified because they were educating us according to their conscience before God. The judge recognized that this fulfilled the spirit of the law that all children be educated, and the letter of the law regarding the means– “Public, Parochial, or Other” School.
    Home Schooling was “not legal” in very, very few states in the 1970s, if for no other reason than that nobody had heard of it enough to legislate against it. The court of public opinion was a different matter, especially in public school administrators’ offices, who naturally tended to interpret laws in the way that benefited their funding.

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