Convention of the States


Today on Home Front I bring you a little more of a discussion I had with my friends, Dave Cort and Lloyd Sloan.

Instead if me interviewing them, they are interviewing me on Dave Cort’s show. We get into the some deeper discussions on the proposal going around this country pertaining to having a convention of the states.

Even though a lot of people are not paying attention to our constitution, most people want to keep it. There is an idea being peddled in the halls of state capitols trying to have the states open up the constitution for debate.

I am against this because I have seen plenty of shenanigans happen at the state level. It is ridiculous to think that the state legislators are morally superior to the legislators in Washington DC. Maybe it’s a smaller cesspool, but it’s still a cesspool.

I’m not saying that all the politicians are bad people. There are some good ones. It’s just that there are not enough of the good ones to get a good result.

The proof for me was in looking at my own state. We have a supermajority of Republicans and they are still passing bad laws every year they are in session.

How could we possibly expect a better result if they were in charge of modifying the Constitution?

I don’t want to sit on the sidelines while our Constitution is being altered and then hear people say later, “How could we have been so stupid. “ I don’t want to hear people say “I told you so.” By then it will be too late.

Let’s just open our eyes and make a proper assessment of what we can do to fix the problems we have by electing better people.

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