Photo ID Requirements

Photo ID Requirements 1

Elections have consequences. Some of those consequences are more severe if few people come out to vote and especially if the people who come out are not legitimately qualified to vote.

More than 32 other states have Photo ID laws, yet Missouri doesn’t. Regardless of your political party, shouldn’t we all agree that protecting the process is critical? Voter fraud has been happening since voting began.

When I was in the Missouri House of Representatives, I was on the “Elections Committee”. We studied the proposals relating to how we would conduct our elections. It amazed me how many times the Democrats wanted to block photo id requirements.

Yet, now that I have moved on and there is a super-majority of Republicans in both the House and Senate, I am convinced that most Republicans must not want to do much about it either, because Missouri seems incapable of joining the 32 other states that have done a better job of protecting the process.

Here is an article that includes map of Photo ID laws:

Voter Identification Laws by State


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Photo ID Requirements 2

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