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Looking forward is important and good.  However, to understand how we got here, it’s important to look back as well.  We can study genealogy, which allows us to discover facts about previous generations.  Yet, the legends and little-known secrets will vanish forever after this generation is gone.  The people we know between 80 and 100 years old are our last connection to the stories of courage, survival techniques, and faith that sustained them as well as the factors that contributed to making us who we are today.

The family has been under attack for decades.  The culture has changed so much just in our lifetime.  Previous generations seemed to do a better job of “holding the fort” together when they faced adversity.  How did they do it?

Today I interview my mother.  She provides some time-tested answers as she shares her secrets of creating a happy home.

What do you think we need to have great homes?

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