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Sally Kern, me and Michael Farris at the Wallbuilders Conference
Sally Kern, me and Michael Farris at the Wallbuilders Conference

Michael Farris has been on the forefront of several movements.  He founded the Home School Legal Defense Association, (HSLDA) , the Patrick Henry College  and Parental Rights movement. I admire a person who sees a problem and works toward a solution, even changing the country on the way.  When I was in the Missouri legislature I filed a bill that clarified parental rights and through the process discovered just how far we have gone past the respect for the home and family in our country.

I expected opposition from those on the Left, but I didn’t expect so much ignorance from those on the Right.  If we don’t fight for our rights while we can, there may come a time when it is too late to fight at all.  At the end of the legislative process, it took more effort than what one would think necessary in a free country built on the bedrock of the family.  After struggling to get the bill out of committee, many naysayers fought full debate.  After getting the bill past the House, we met too much opposition to pass the bill in the Senate.  When term limits ended my time in the House, nobody else wanted to accept the challenge to carry the torch, so the subject dropped.  It’s easy for a citizen watching from the sidelines to observe bills that should be “no-brainers”, but in the legislature, there is no such thing.

Too often parents wait until it is too late to get engaged in the process.  It’s easy to enjoy our own perceived safety and think everything is fine without seeing the plight of others.  Parental Rights emerged because of the abuses occurring every day in this country.  The federal money being doled out to states for foster care and adoptions is creating a demand for more public interference into the home.  Some parents are innocent.  The big hand of big brother is leaving bruises all over families in every state.  The governmental bureaucracy designed to prevent abuse is itself guilty of family abuse in many cases.  If it were not for HSLDA and Parental Rights, things would be even worse.

It’s worth it to protect our families now before the crisis happens.  We need good laws in place to create a shield around the family before it is too late to do anything.  Unfortunately, if you were to ask your legislators about this, you would find most of them have no knowledge of the importance of this legislation or the abuses taking place.  Too often we have heard stories of the Children’s Services Division’s removing children from the care of their parents on hear-say and then the children end up in worse situations with the foster parents and emotional trauma from the experience that lasts a lifetime.

There was a commercial many years ago where an elderly couple ended it with saying, “Because if you have your health, you have just about everything.”  I write here to remind you that if you don’t have rights as parents, you have just about nothing.

This is a photo of me with Eliana at the Leadership Institute.  She is our first grandchild from our son and Daughter-in-law living in Washington DC.
This is a photo of me with Eliana at the Leadership Institute. She is our first grandchild from our son and Daughter-in-law living in Washington DC.

If you were wondering where this will end, the rest of the story is up to us. Parental rights are trampled every day for some families in our country.  We just are not hearing about it on the news.  You may hear about it if it happens to your own family or a friend’s family, but most people are too embarrassed to talk about it for fear that others will judge them on gossip alone.

People have been trained to think it is necessary for the government to have broad powers to make sure no children are abused.  That same sort of philosophy is behind efforts to take away our guns to make sure nobody ever gets hurt.  Of course there will always be some abuses, but the destruction happening to our families today is destroying our liberty to raise our own children.  While it may seem far fetched now, other countries have already outlawed parents from teaching their children and transmitting their world view to the next generation.

What You Can Do:

1.)  Put “Parental Rights” on your legislators’ radar screens.  Call those who are supposed to be representing you on your School Board, City Government, State House, State Senate, US House and US Senate.  Whether they care about it or not, they need to know this is an important issue.  Even if your legislators act ignorant of the need to protect parents’ rights, that still will tell you something about whom you have representing you and whom you want to support next election cycle.

2.)  Share your stories with me if you have an example of the overreaching arm of our government.  Our strength comes from confronting our problems head-on.

3.)  Consider a donation to help us spread the positive message through our pod-cast and our newsletter.  You can mail a check to Cynthia Davis 1008 Highway K O’Fallon, MO 63366


Home Front This Week:

Has our Constitution become an instrument of tyranny?  What is happening with the parental rights movement?  How can parents have the freedom to raise their own children?  Michael Farris is here to show the way.  He started the Parental Rights Movement and is the founder of the Home School Legal Defense Association, (HSLDA) as well as the Patrick Henry College.

As an added bonus, Michael explains why he is heading up this nationwide movement of the Article V Convention.

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