“Omnibus” or “Off the Bus”?

Jill Noble, Bev Ehlen and me at the American Renewal Conference in Kansas City.


Lots of people are unhappy with the latest spending bill that just passed in Washington DC.  Here are a few comments from some of my friends:

“Shame on President Trump and the Republican majority. This omnibus spending bill is a disgrace to the very voters that sent them to D.C. to change course and drain the swamp. This spending bill is just more of the same. This proves again there is not a dime’s worth of difference between the Rs and Ds in Washington. We can make a difference!” ~ Jim L.

“I’m tired….it’s been 11 years I’ve given to giving a s#$! about this country. I put my faith in Ron Paul, the Revolution, the Libertarians, the Conservatives…. Donald Trump and MAGA. 11 years 2007 – 2018. Going to put my energy into living out my days with what’s left of this country. I put my family in debt for this country. I’ve sacrificed more hours than I can count. I kept putting faith and believing in myself & others that we could save America from ending. But it’s a fix — Agenda 2030 is in full force. Call me if you see a shred of evidence that this is not happening. Until then peace out. Getting my nails done.” ~ Gigi B.

“At a MINIMUM, there must be NO vote for a big government Republican. (Or Democrat either, but that’s rarely debated.) This means in primaries– also in general elections.But given the above logic, and given the GOP will never shrink government. It is time for small government people to do the math.”  ~ Lloyd S.

“The GOP controlled House passed a trillion dollar spending bill today. It fully funds Planned Parenthood. Another half a billion dollars to an organization that slaughters 300 thousand babies a year. The GOP is now well into its second year of full control of the House, Senate, and Presidency, and Planned Parenthood is still making hundreds of millions of dollars from the taxpayers. The Republican Party is choosing to give them your money. Why are we angry about this?” ~ Matt W.

“I am with you in your small minority. Sick of tired of moderate Republicans doing the bear minimum to hold onto power. Here is what I am disgusted by: What can we do about it…really? The two party system is entrenched. The Republican Party is barely tolerable. I desperately want a third (fourth and fifth) party to choose from.”   ~ Ric F.

So where do we go from here?   We are in a war over which values will win!  It is incumbent upon us to fight for what is right!  It’s time for us to be trained, equipped and mobilized.  Fortunately, we have Jill Noble on our show today to discuss the way to properly respond.  Jill works in public policy through the lens of a biblical worldview; she is a registered lobbyist in the State of Missouri; she serves the State of Missouri as the Director for National Day of Prayer.  On top of this, she’s the Kansas City Area Director for Concerned Women for America.

What are your thoughts on the latest Omnibus spending bill?

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1.)  This Sunday is Easter.  Encourage your heart by gaining a larger perspective of who is ultimately in charge of this mess.

If you don’t attend church anywhere, try one this Sunday!  Easter is the perfect excuse.  We’re getting ready to do a musical at Calvary Baptist Church in O’Fallon.


2.)  We have to understand the issues and the players to be able to hold officeholders accountable.  The only way we can keep score is if we take the time to read and learn.  Writing letters to the editor, (if they get published), can help others think through the issues.  There’s much more on our show today.  You can hear it by clicking here.

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  • Rick Weissflog

    They made the same mistake they did in the Reagan years…..great tax reform that spurs the economy, cuts taxes and actually raised more revenue; but, then they spend, spend, spend and blow up the deficit and total debt now approaches 21 TRILLION with no end in sight. What a legacy we are leaving our kids and grandkids! The whole house of cards will come tumbling down some day and when that happens everyone, like in Venezuela, will be scrounging for scraps of food in garbage pails.

    All that said, I still could have stomached it if they had simply made a stand on Planned Parenthood.

    If the Dems shut down the government over 500 million in a 2 trillion budget being redirected from PP to real women’s health clinics, that’s a public relations fight they should welcome with open arms!

    I really wonder how much is cowardice and how much is hypocrisy?


  • Dave Heim

    We didn’t get here overnight, and we will not correct the problem overnight. The foundations for the exponential growth of the federal government and abuse of power were laid over 100 years ago. Though it’s not always obvious, there are reasons to be optimistic. Obama was/is a Marxist, and as such he has opened more eyes than anyone before him. The number of good people that actually stand for principle running for Congress is growing. The more the people, that is you, get educated about the foundations of your own liberty, the more success we will have. There is no question that it is a conspiracy, not only to destroy the Trump presidency, but to undermine our country. The one thing a conspiracy cannot stand is the light of day. The obvious desperation of the left is an indication that the light of exposure is working. It really is a wonder that Trump has accomplished all he has in spite of the left’s obstructionism to the extreme. So don’t give up hope, keep working to get better educated, and encourage people with principle to get involved in the fight. Everything is at stake.
    Robert Welch (look him up) said, the time will come when the enemy must run naked to the finish line, meaning he is so close to achieving his goals that he can no longer hide it. I believe we are there. Even the politically dim are starting to see. Do everything you can to help them see. Never make an enemy when you can make a friend.

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