Nancy Pelosi

From our house to yours, we hope you have a blessed Christmas Season!

During this time, it’s easy to become distracted with all the negativity happening in our Country.  But these nasty moments in Washington, DC allow us a great opportunity to share the truth with those who are willing to learn. 

It’s disappointing to hear the remarks by Nancy Pelosi about the Democrat’s abuse of power for political gain.  We should not be surprised when they try to use every tool available to destroy, distract and thwart our Constitution.  Their real fight is to promote a “one-world government”, climate change ideology and grow government bigger and more intrusive.

The swamp is deep and evil.  Perhaps what bothered me the most was hearing her discuss her former upbringing rooted in Catholicism.  How can anyone claim to be a practicing Catholic, when she’s supporting the anti-life and anti-family pro-perversion agenda?

In case you missed her inflammatory and deceitful remarks, I have them for you to listen to yourself with my own commentary.  I hope you will enjoy and share with others who need to hear the truth!

What are your thoughts on Nancy Pelosi?



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Nancy Pelosi’s American History Lesson

Click here to listen



  1. Pelosi may have been born Catholic, but as soon as she learned more profit could be made by enriching herself by using political authority to loot American Taxpayers she began to worship the ancient Roman goddess of thieves, cheats, and the underworld. It is common for members of that cult to invoke her aid “to carry out their plans successfully without forfeiting their reputation for piety and honesty” (Wikipedia). Her fondness for planned butcherhood, their activities, and their campaign gratuities is because in her botoxified brain Laverna is the bride of the Carthaginian god Baal Hammon who preferred his children roasted (more Wikipedia); and she is the fruit of their union.

  2. Terribly disgusting example of a devout catholic. She is an embarrassment for the rest of us.

  3. Spiritually lost, deceived, wicked, and very dangerous to America.
    Lord Jesus, open her eyes to the truth of your precious Word, that she may change her mind and be saved.

  4. As with everyone else, she needs to be saved. Right now she is a tool of the evil one and is in a dangerous position for America. It’s so obvious to those with open eyes to see that the wicked one is setting the stage for his short reign prior to the Glorious Return !!

  5. I’m not nearly as concerned with the political theater in DC as I am with over 30 state governors requesting MORE refugee resettlement for our states when there is NO obligation to do so, and NO benefit to Americans!!! what can citizens do to make governors rescind their requests & STOP this invasion?

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