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Marijuana is becoming a larger part of our society every day, especially as more states declare it to be legal.   Marijuana proponents try to diffuse arguments about the harm to children by claiming it will be for adults only.  Yet, once the marijuana gets into the hands of adults, a percentage of the time it trickles down to children.

We are now in a perfect storm.  It’s more available, culturally sanctioned and legally approved in more states than ever.   People are getting addicted at earlier ages and it is causing changes to our Country in proportions like we’ve never seen. 
It’s going to be a lot harder on parents, children, families, employers and governments due to the changing public policies regarding marijuana.  The law has served as a buffer, helping to guide our public morality.

More people wear seat belts because it’s a law.  More babies were aborted after the Roe v. Wade decision because some felt the Supreme Court decision took away the shame of getting an abortion.  States that legalize marijuana have new social and economic problems.

On our show today, we interview the Founder and President of the Center for Marriage Policy to discuss marijuana.  I hope you enjoy it and share your thoughts with me.

What do you think of states legalizing marijuana?

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This is a picture of me with today’s guest, David Usher,
and our good friend, Dr. Stephen Baskerville.


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  • Patrick Finn

    God made marijuana. God gave humans cannabinoid receptors. For one man to prohibit another from utilizing that which God made, is tyranny in my opinion. For man to declare any of God’s creations as “bad,” is blasphemy in my opinion. As a 70’s youth, I can tell you in my experience it was so much easier to get pot in high school than alcohol. Why? Pot was illegal.

    In respect for God, it should be legal for people to grow and use His creation. When grown for commercial uses, it should be regulated. Today, people are developing strains that are highly potent in THC which also seems to lower pot’s medicinal properties. So, I would regulate similar to alcohol and have categories of pot akin to beer (such as the 7% THC pot); wine (such as the 12%-14% THC pot), and hard liquor (such as the 25% THC pot). This way it would help reduce those inexperienced users from overdoing it unknowingly. AND – VERY STIFF PENALTIES FOR CONTRIBUTING TO THE DELINQUENCY OF MINORS.

  • Richard Dunn

    Legalizing marijuana is a slippery slope with a libertarian foundation. We really don’t need more people out in society who are not in full control of their facilities.

  • Bob Hohmeier

    The limited duties of government are to protect life and liberty and punish evil doers. But not to protect us from ourselves. Nor punish us for actions that do not infringe on others.

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