Interview with John F McManus – President of the John Birch Society


Learn what is happening to our country and world from the President of the John Birch Society, John McManus.

John F. McManus was born in Brooklyn, New York, in 1935. At graduation from Holy Cross College in Worcester, Massachusetts, he received a bachelor’s degree in physics and a commission in the United States Marine Corps. After serving three years of active duty, he entered the field of electronics engineering, where he won an award from the U.S. Air Force for designing a component used in fighter aircraft.

Jack left the engineering field in 1966 to accept a full-time position with the John Birch Society. Working closely with Founder Robert Welch for many years, he was named the Society’s Public Relations Director and its official spokesman. In 1991, he was appointed President.

The author of several books and numerous articles, Jack has represented the John Birch Society in hundreds of media appearances, spoken from JBS platforms in all 50 states, and written and produced several JBS films and videos. With his wife, Mary, Jack resides in Wakefield, Massachusetts.

John mentioned the John Birch Society’s “Freedom Index” which reports the Constitutional rating of the members of Congress. You can find that resource here Check out your Congressman’s rating, then share this resource with your friends.


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