This is a picture of our friends, Peter Gemma and Rand Paul at the Inaugural Ball in Washington, D.C. 

1.)  I’m happy we didn’t get Hillary, although she looked very pretty at the inauguration. Yet, even if she had won, our side would not have rioted, smashing windows, setting fires, breaking things and hurting people.  That was insane!

2.)  About that “Women’s March” thing:  It appeared to be all about bitter, vulgar, anti-life, pro-Sharia Law, pro-sexual perversion Hillary supporters.  Some of them even referred to themselves as “nasty”.

A better name would be the “Left-Wing Female March” because the women marching in Washington DC do not represent me.  Nor do they represent most American women.  The majority of the women I know are ladies, are kind, gentle and do not use foul language or demand the right to kill their unborn babies.  They should be happy their mothers didn’t feel that way!

3.)  Those who made cruel and snarky remarks about Donald Trump’s son, Barron, should be ashamed of themselves.  It’s astonishing when people on the left posture themselves to be the defenders of children, yet show their viciousness if it is the child of someone they don’t like.  I feel particularly sensitive to this because it has happened to my own children.  We should never tolerate mean-spirited projections or  mockery of any sort about anybody, even Hillary, but when it involves a child, it is unconscionable.

4.)  One man cannot make America great again. Only God can do that.  Being great again starts with being good and decent again.  Americans tend to have way too many expectations of their government.  The people need to live our national motto, “In God We Trust” ,and then choose to live in a way befitting a Country with this motto.

It’s going to take the people—not the government—to change our course. We need God to help us make America good again…honest…honorable…hopeful…people of integrity.

“Righteousness exalts a nation, but sin is a disgrace to any people” Proverbs 14:34


What were  your thoughts about the inauguration?


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This is my son, John and his lovely wife, Emily at the Ball.


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  • Jeff Osborn

    My thought is that it is sad that neither Obama or Hillary said anything to calm their supporters when they are rioting and hurting people. That silence is their approval. So Sad 🙁

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