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I was invited to speak at a gathering of the K & N Patriots on September 11, 2010.  We owe it to our Country to protect ourselves against all efforts to destroy our domestic tranquility.

We offer our deepest sympathies to those in London who have just been hit with another Muslim Jihadist attack.  While it wasn’t in our Country this time, we have been through this as well. We remember the biggest attack on 9/11, Fort Hood, Boston Marathon, San Bernardino, Chattanooga, the night club in Orlando and plenty more.

Is Islam a religion or a political movement?  If it’s a political movement, its goal is to destroy the Judeo-Christian way of life which is generally called “Western Civilization”.  For some quick comparisons, we don’t kill people or inflict terror for religious purposes.  We also believe in equality for women, respect for life and freedom of speech.  Islam doesn’t.  We’ve seen plenty of examples throughout the history of Islam of violence and brutality beyond anything a civilized society can imagine—and it’s been going on since Muhammad’s raids.

While some people are afraid of what will happen next, I have confidence that with the right approach, we can be stronger than ever before.  If America goes down, it will not be from the outside forces—it will be from our taking ourselves down.  We are causing self-inflicted harm by allowing “politically correct” ideology to put us into bondage and not assimilating outsiders to the American philosophy.

The good news is that as Muslims spread themselves around our Country, it’s easier to help them find Christ—and they are coming to Christ like never before!  As they permeate many areas of our Country, it should be easier than ever to find them and share our American way with them.  The flood of immigrants is having an impact on us.  However, it is essential for them to adapt to our culture if they want to come here.  The old adage, “When in Rome, do as the Romans do” is centuries old, but still applies.

The so called, “Christian” organizations involved with importing Muslims under the United Nations agreement are told they cannot share Christ with the Muslim refugees.  However, there is no law that prohibits normal, caring people from helping them find the path to true peace with God.  The solution is up to us.  The Government caused this problem, so don’t expect the Government to fix it.

To be fair, the Atheists in this Country are also responsible for the the destruction of our culture.  As a political movement, the Atheists have been taking Christians to court and have been on a mission to remove crosses on graveyards, Ten Commandments monuments and other references to our Judeo-Christian heritage.  Yet, we’re obligated to love our neighbors and help them understand that it is our Christianity that makes us virtuous, honest, freedom-loving and decent people and how we got that way.

The greatest way we can help them is to relate to these people is “one to one” or “family to family”.  Nobody likes being treated like a herd of cattle.  We need to care about how others are doing individually.  This is much different than handing them welfare and feeling smug that we made their lives better.

Not every Muslim has studied the Koran, knows the history of Islam or knows the depths of Islamic teaching.  Many of them were born into their religion and don’t live by Sharia law (which allows men to beat and kill their wives and children and deceive and kill non-Muslims).  For most, the Muslim culture is the only culture they know and everything else is forbidden.  It’s important to be kind, especially considering that most of them didn’t choose their circumstances.  However, where are the Muslim leaders’ condemning these attacks?  It’s hard to give Islam a pass when instead of apologies, their leaders are cheering. 

My son was in a band concert at his school.  It was a hot night in the gym.  One of the mothers was wearing something that covered her entire head and neck.  As I saw her fanning herself, I felt sorry for her.  However, we need to understand that her husband wanted her to dress like this and it is an important practice for them.  It is a sign that she is trying to please her husband, which is commendable.  We have to recognize their culture. The goal is not to change their cultural customs, but to show them love, patience, kindness, gentleness and goodness as we introduce them to our Country.

I’m grateful to live in a country where American women are honored, respected and allowed to make their own decisions on what to wear.  Even in America, it’s possible for women to be in an oppressive relationship, but our civil structure is protective of women in a way that Islamic laws are not.

On our show today, we talk with Tom Doyle about what he’s seeing in the Muslim communities.  There’s lots of good news.  Many are coming to Christ and finding hope, love and peace like they’ve never experienced.  Tom has worked in many Middle-eastern Countries for decades and shares with us from an insider’s perspective about what’s really happening.  You will be inspired and encouraged when you listen to our show here.

What are you doing to assimilate Muslims into your community?

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  • David G. Baugh, 80 Liberty Road, Steelville, MO 65565 573-775-2109

    First of all, it is more likely than not that the London attack was just another staged event like the ones mentioned.

    Second, the term “Judeo-Christian” is an oxymoron in that the religion of Judaism is derived from the Babylonian Talmud and is antichrist. One cannot be a judeochristian any more than a woman can be half pregnant.

    Third, nations are established by race and spiritual beliefs and it is our Creator/Savior’s intention that the different races be separate and have their own respective lands and not be assimilated.

    While it is true that such people of other races or religions contrary to true Christianity can be sojourners in our land, they are not to be assimilated.

    The fact is, our antichrist Edomite adversaries our Creator/Savior identifies in Revelation 2:9 & 3:9, I John 2:18-23, I John 4:1-6 & II John 7 who call themselves “Jews” or “Israelis” and currently occupy the land fallaciously called “Israel” that was stolen from its rightful heirs, the Palestinians are the ones responsible for all this strife and contention between the Muslims and Christian nations.

    The Arab nations are the descendants of Ishmael, the son of Abraham by Hagar, Abraham’s wife Sarah’s handmaiden and were given the lands they occupy by covenant of our Creator/Savior, which includes all of what was once Judea which was vacated by the Israelites (both the house of Israel & house of Judah) when they migrated into other lands by our Creator/Savior’s design to form the “multitude of nations” we have become of which the USA is but one (See II Samuel 7:10).

    There is nothing “Holy” about that land now known as Palestine. While it is of historical significance, our antichrist Edomite adversaries who call themselves Israelis have no rightful claim to the land. True Israel does not consist of a geographical area; it consists of the multitude of nations we have become just as promised to us by our forefathers Abraham, Isaac & Jacob/Israel by covenant of our Creator/Savior. Today, we are known as Caucasian Christians in our respective lands.

    Though many of the Palestinians and other Arab folks in their respective lands are Christians, most are Muslims. Our antichrist Edomite adversaries seek to form “Greater Israel” which necessitates the genocide of Palestinians and other Arabs whether Christian or Muslim. They are using American military and funding to invade these lands for their benefit and to the detriment of the Arabs and us Americans.

    Of course, all of this is a direct result of Christian Americans’ failure and refusal to heed Deuteronomy 28:1-14 as prescribed in Deuteronomy 28:15-68. Our antichrist Edomite adversaries would have no power over us except by our Creator/Savior’s design. They have thoroughly infiltrated and corrupted American society and government with their Talmudic filth and wicked and evil Babylonian social, political, economic practices.

    This is why our Creator/Savior hates them yet uses them in His chastisement of us as we are told in Malachi 1 and Romans 9 where they are called His “vessels of wrath fitted for destruction.” Our antichrist Edomite adversaries have also infiltrated most all organized religion in America rendering most American pastors Jeremiah 23 false teachers teaching and preaching false doctrines of men in “social clubs” erroneously called “churches.”

    One of those false doctrines is that there is nothing we can do until Jesus comes again to do that which He has already done, when in truth and reality, He has given us the power to overcome any and all of our antichrist Edomite adversaries and their ilk who hate us. Our Creator/Savior is patiently awaiting us to do what it says in II Chronicles 7:14 and II Corinthians 10:2-6 whereupon we will see what is described in Matthew 13:37-43 and Malachi 1 and Obadiah as our antichrist Edomite adversaries and all their Edomite (red) socialism/communism built upon economic fraud and usury will be taken out and they will be fleeing the wrath of true Christian Americans who have been awakened from their strong delusions and begin making the practical application of true Christianity into our society & government.

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