A good political dialogue is healthy, but we must abhor name-calling and hatefulness.

Donald Trump has turned into a pleasant surprise.  At the beginning of his campaign, he started out being an irreverent, worldly, inexperienced, crass, sharp-mouthed candidate.  By the time he won the election, many people were just happy he saved us from Hillary Clinton.  So far, he has turned out to be the most Pro-American, Christian, pro-free-market and honest president we’ve had in this Country since Ronald Reagan.

On top of that, when is the last time you heard the first lady lead thousands of people in praying “The Lord’s Prayer”?  Clearly, whether you like his personality or not, we can’t deny he has done more for our Country than most others who have occupied the White House.  With this act, she has earned more honor than most first ladies we have seen.

Surprisingly, most of his actions are simply keeping promises made during the campaign.  Now that the election is over, it’s time to move on to governing.  We need to give him a chance to straighten out the mess he inherited.

So far, he’s protecting our safety, straightening out the bathroom confusion and doing his best to get rid of unnecessary regulations.  There’s a lot to feel good about here.  He’s been more effective than most Republican office holders.

There’s no question that the left-wing courts and media are trying to sabotage President Trump’s presidency.  It is not appropriate to talk about undoing an election just because the winner is fulfilling his promises.  We need to show those working to create a “shadow government” that our Country doesn’t operate that way.

The purpose of the impeachment process is to deal with an office holder who is guilty of very serious criminal acts, not to undo an election.  All of this just shows us the level of ignorance that exists among the people.  Article II, Section 4 states, “The President, Vice-President and all civil Officers of the United States shall be removed from Office on Impeachment for, and conviction of, Treason, Bribery, or other High Crimes and Misdemeanors.”

People need to put aside their partisan differences and start thinking about what’s good for America and our people.  It’s fair to criticize Unconstitutional acts, but many of our citizens barely know what’s Constitutional and what is not.  It’s time to reject tactics of obstructions, name-calling and attempts to disparage anything good happening to our Country.

To keep our perspective, when Barack Obama was occupying the White House, not one judge required him to show proof he was Constitutionally qualified to hold that position.  He received very little criticism or even questioning from the press.  In fact, the media appeared blind to his dictatorial and radical orders.

Our guest on Home Front this week is Ginny Brant, the daughter of a man who was involved in the Nixon administration during the Watergate Scandal.  She shares some stories of what it was like during that time from an insider’s perspective.  Later in the interview, she shares some insights on fighting cancer.

What do you think of how Donald Trump is doing?


1.)  Don’t worry about anything…but pray about everything!  We need to pray for our leaders in every position, but especially for those charged with the duty of running our Country.  Prayer changes things!

2.)  We are all umpires in the game of politics.  Be fair.  If someone does something good, it’s okay to call it, regardless of political affiliation.

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  • Sam P Fox

    Christians just elected the most Godless and immoral Compulsive liar ever to run for President. Does a few (Biblical) statements and a staged prayer or two, erase a lifetime off sin and cruelty which is unconfessed and unforgiven. What are you thinking? Sin is now legitimate? Political advocacy is a betrayal of the Great Commission. Preach the Gospel not campaign for earthly powers. I know you don’t agree and are probably too Phariseeical to pray about it

  • Margaret Walker

    Yes, I am a U.S. citizen…and YES, I voted for President Trump. I am so thankful to God for allowing our Country this opportunity to return to our Christian values and moral standards..including the value human life…with less interference from those who chose to destroy…President Trump has indeed sacrificed his comfy lifestyle for the sake of all American people ( by choice) by becoming our new President. He saw the vast amount of danger and hardship our people were facing and knew if nothing was changed, it would involve into a total crisis of destruction never before seen in History. The President even refused a salary to work so hard to help us (except for $2 per month which he must except) What a blessing! And, I have great admiration for this man…remember, he is 70 years old and could have taken this time to work less, enjoy life…instead, he devotes endless time working for our safety and a better quality of life…so proud of Trump

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