How to Be a Shrewd Samaritan

This appears to be a common sight along our major thoroughfares.  Years ago, this was rarer.

I asked my friends for their thoughts and was surprised at how divided people are about this.  Some people always give them money with no questions asked.  Others never give them money because they have been told it only makes the problem worse.  Some share Christ with them, but it’s hard to do anything when there’s a line of cars waiting to get through the traffic light!

The saddest part is that it seems to be increasing.  Some are frauds and others may be legitimate.  Nearly all of them claim to be from our military.  Some might be, but it’s more likely they post that on their signs because it gets them more donations.  What is the right response?

On our show today we discuss what is causing this and how we can help.

What do you do when you see beggars by the side of the highway?


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