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For months we’ve heard people complaining about how bad it is to have “a third party”.

We need to realize we already have three major parties:

Party # 1 — Democrats
Party # 2 — Republicans-Establishment Type
Party # 3 — Republicans-Grassroots Type

Since the third party is the smallest, grassroots types rarely win their elections.  Now it looks like the establishment Republicans are exerting their money and power to nudge the more right-leaning candidates out of the party altogether.  Last week John McCain and Lindsey Graham sounded like they were more affiliated with the Democrat Party as they publicly belittled Rand Paul for filibustering the drone bill.  When have you heard Democrats speaking ill of anyone in their own party over any philosophical difference?

We are coming up on the anniversary of the Republican Caucus in St. Charles County that ended up with arrests, mayhem and uncivilized behavior because of a clash between the establishment Republicans and the grassroots Republicans.

Why do the Democrats appear to be more cohesive?   Their platform is so broad that ideas anywhere on the political spectrum fit so long as they are about government solving all problems and discounting morality.

One of my Face-book friends recently posted this:
“One way to tell whether or not you are a knee-jerk partisan is to see whether you can say three nice things about the other Party’s candidate and three negative things about your own. If you can’t come up with any you are probably a pure partisan and you are letting somebody else think for you.”

Our loyalty needs to be to God, our families and our Constitution, not a political party.  Some of my best friends are still loyal to the Republican Party and believe in marriage, yet the leaders of the Party seem to be conflicted over whether is should try to attract more homosexual/anti-marriage proponents and many voters are wondering how their votes can be honorable and remain true to their consciences.

This is a video about the platforms:

It forces one to ask the question:  “Why have a platform at all when their members promote ideas that are opposite of what they espouse to believe as a party—merely weeks after voting to adopt the platform.

Carl Rove is heading up an effort to divide the Republican Party into two groups:  The Establishment Party and The Grassroots/Value
voter Party.

A political observer wrote me this in a letter  summing up where we are headed now:  “So thank you, Karl Rove, for finally coming out into the daylight and setting principled… Family Conservative voters FREE.  We will no longer be tethered to your weak, enemic failed policies, your elitist failed ideas and your repeatedly failed and fallen choice of our candidates…”

A friend who worked for a state budget department told me both parties spend the same amount of money.  The only difference is where they choose to spend and cut.
Here is an article explaining the conflict faced over how to trade away values for votes.

The values voters never knew they were going to have to pick one: either “values” or being “voters”.  The only appropriate response is to demand honesty and stand strong. It is about helping each other and linking arms to move forward together.

Your thoughts on how to re-prioritize our country are important to me, so please share what you think here:
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This week we will talk with Scott Lively about what is happening to destroy families in America.  Scott is the founder and president of Abiding Truth Ministries and comes to us from Springfield, Massachusetts.  He is an author and attorney and will be talking with us about the effect “political correctness” is having on public
policies and families.


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