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I enjoy this episode because it helps me feel better to know there’s something we can do. It seems like our representatives are all talk, but no walk. All jawbone, but no backbone. I’m pretty sick of it myself.

On today’s edition of Home Front, we give you a tool you can use to hold your elected officials accountable. Our guest, Ben Evans, comes to us from Heritage Action for America. Ben Evans is the Central Regional Coordinator for Heritage Action.

You will get to hear an insider’s glimpse on how to get our Congress back.

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  • Bob Peck

    Good stuff – and the Heritage Action scorecard is a great resource. Regarding the scorecard and it showing the House Republicans currently at a 63%, I believe there’s more to the story.

    During the Bush administration, when Republicans controlled everything and could do whatever they wanted, I used the Freedom Index (another conservative scorecard that strongly agrees with the Heritage Action scorecard) to discover that Republicans in Congress were voting 42% conservative (pro constitution and small government) and Democrats 31%. In 2010 those numbers changed dramatically to Republicans 77%, Democrats 10%. At first I thought maybe the Republicans had an epiphany and became Constitutionalists, but then I realized that nearly all of these were the same Congressmen and that it wasn’t their personal values that had changed, it was the party in power that had changed.

    In 2010 the Democrats controlled everything and the only way the Republicans could justify their existence was to become the “opposition party” and vote against the Democrats, which made their voting records improve dramatically. However, now that Republicans have recaptured Congress and hold half the power again, their voting record has reverted about half way back to its earlier state, slipping from 77% down to 63%. I expect that if a Republican wins the Presidency and their party is back in complete power, the Republican Congressional voting record will drop back down to the 42% that it was at during the Bush administration, or maybe even lower this time.

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