He Holds My Hand

Last weekend I went to Kansas City to the American Renewal Project and ran into Rich Bott from Bott Radio Network.  Bott Radio is the largest Christian radio network in the Midwest.  We left encouraged and motivated to make a difference!


The holidays can be difficult for those who have experienced a tragedy this year.  My heart goes out to those who are facing an empty seat at the table.  Whether its a death, incarceration or broken home, there’s nothing like everyone else being happy to remind us of how empty we feel.

When I was in the Missouri State Legislature, I noticed many bills were written as public policy responses to personal tragedies.  Something bad would happen and people would say, “There ought to be a law against that.”  Next thing you know, they file bills to satisfy one unique situation and it further erodes freedom.  We often don’t find out about the unintended consequences until it’s too late.  Once a law is passed, it is very difficult to repeal.

Government is limited in what it can do to mitigate and prevent personal loss.  It’s remarkable and sad when those who consider themselves to be conservatives quickly jump on a “big government band-wagon” just because of one personal calamity.  There is only so much government can do!

On our show this week I interviewed a mother who’s son is in prison for life without the possibility of parole.  Although her story is sad, my guest, Carol Kent, transmits a confidence that God can use even the worst circumstances for good.  She wrote a devotional book, He Holds My Hand, as she was going through her personal pain.  God is in control of everything and can be there for us no matter what happens.

What do you do to cope with disappointment or grief around the holidays?


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