Happy Mother’s Day!

This is my special salute to all the great mothers who have nurtured and valiantly raised up the next generation, to carry the baton.
This is my special salute to all the great mothers who have nurtured and valiantly raised up the next generation, to carry the baton.

National Day of Prayer

It always happens on the first Thursday of May. My faithful readers know we mention this yearly, but this time we approach this from a Constitutional perspective.

It seems like every year issues that were once “no-brainers” now appear to be confusing. Perhaps the problem is not the issues, but the people in governmental positions who lack an education on the proper role of government.

There’s an old expression, “Use it or lose it.” That applies to our freedom of speech, freedom of religion and freedom to peaceably assemble. Our City Halls do not belong to the bureaucrats. Our City Halls belong to the citizens and taxpayers of each city.

All across America people are using their seat of government as a common place to unite and pray publicly. This is happening in the City of St. Louis and at the Old Historic Courthouse in St. Charles.

In O’Fallon we used to have the ceremony at our O’Fallon City Hall, but some of the officials got worried the government may appear to be sympathetic, so they told us to go to the Veteran’s Memorial to pray. Although our City used to be more supportive and even hosted the National Day Of Prayer inside one of the City buildings during bad weather, there are some who appear more worried about the winds of “political correctness.”

If your government refuses to allow people to peaceably assemble, that’s a symptom of a much larger problem. Don’t be discouraged. There are plenty of court cases in our favor. If a revival broke out in our country, this wouldn’t even be a point of discussion. Whenever the church diminishes, evil becomes augmented.

Nevertheless, the most important information I can give you is some good directions so you don’t go to the wrong place. If you are near O’Fallon, you can go to the Veteran’s Memorial Walk at 800 Belleau Creek Road., O’Fallon, MO 63366.

I will look forward to seeing you there!

Happy Mother's Day 2


  1. We can pray.
  2. If you want to look up where a gathering might be near you, please type your zip code into this search box to see a listing:
  3. If you want more local information, you can click here: www.gatewayndp.org
  4. We can let our elected officials know that we expect them to understand, and act in accordance to, that oath they took when swearing to protect and defend the Constitution.
  5. We can attend a National Day of Prayer ceremony. Your presence will encourage others, and honor God.

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Happy Mother's Day 3

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  • Rocio

    im a long haul driver sick of being aatkcted through pornographic images every where, it is wearing me down physically and spiritually, it is affecting my prayer life and thus my abilityas a spiritual leader and protecter of my family. this one is not the ordinary daily temptations but all out brazzen attacks that are also manifesting themselfs in physically impossible acts such as beams leaning on the truck lifting up and hitting me . im calling for any prayer warriors on this one

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