Happy Father’s Day

This is me with the two best fathers in the world—my dad and my husband!


Without dads, our world would end.  (Same for mothers as well!)  One of the most treasured attributes in a father is faithfulness.  A godly man is the biggest asset to a family and country!  As we look around, one of the biggest problems precipitating the cultural decline is fatherlessness.   If you have a father, make sure you try to honor him this week.

This week on our show, we interview John Trent.  John is the author of the book, The Language of Love and is an expert on what it takes to put strong families back together.  He  grew up in a broken home and speaks out of personal experience based on much research.

My hope is that this show will encourage you to love your family members more deeply.  By having a functional family, you will honor God and play a role to stabilize our Country.

How much of a role did your dad play in your life ?

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