Happy 4th of July!

A Sneak Preview of Things to Come

Here we are getting ready for three parades on Wednesday. We hope you will get to watch us as we inspire tens of thousands of people to be brave, strong and constitutional!

One of my Facebook friends wrote this:  “Why are all these people setting off fireworks?

1) It is not even July yet, much less the 4th.

2) As dry as it is they better not set my house on fire.

3) What on earth are they celebrating?  The Supreme Court upholding an unconstitutional health care mandate?”

While many are not happy with the Supreme Court’s decision, there are many facets to this issue. The Supreme Court did not create a new law—the Congress did.  This decision should serve as a reminder that it is not up to the courts to save the citizens from the consequences of poor voting judgment.  If Americans elect a congress willing to foist an economic fiasco on us, it is our duty to change it back through the ballot box.  We cannot return to free markets until we get a majority of elected officials who value our liberty.

On Tuesday we were in Ste. Genevieve for a candidate forum. It’s great to be with folks who care about the direction we are headed.

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