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This is a picture of me with talk show host, Laura Ingraham. Laura went through a brutal media lynching for making a comment about David Hogg, outspoken high school student. We are at a point where talk show hosts can lose their jobs for expressing their opinions. A St. Louis talk show host, Jamie Allman, lost two jobs for making a remark about David Hogg that brought a tidal wave of negative publicity to his station, 97.1 FM.


Shortly after the last school shooting in Florida, we watched public forums to discuss remedies for school violence.  The wrath of the left-leaning, anti-second amendment activists came down hard on the N.R.A. (National Rifle Association).  Curiously, the Gun Owners of America escaped the fury.  When I asked Larry Pratt, the Executive Director about this, he said it’s because they don’t negotiate.

You’d think these anti-gun activists would be more interested in attacking the Gun Owners of America, but perhaps they were concerned that their target would be too broad.  Just the name implies a broader base.

I hope we can all see the hypocrisy for what it is.  Please eliminate “gun violence” and “assault weapons” from your vocabulary.  These terms are intended to make political statements and distract from the issues.  Guns don’t commit acts of violence.  People can do violent acts with guns, knives, bricks, vehicles, razor blades, plates, lamps, you name it…if there’s maliciousness in the heart, anything can become a weapon.

Law abiding citizens can be trusted with guns.   When there is a higher density of protection and a self-protective philosophy among the herd, it keeps the bad guys at bay.   If any of us were in a room during a mass-shooting in progress, we would rather have an informed citizen save our lives than to wait for the police to arrive and hold a discussion of who should enter first.

Using tragedies to strip us of our Constitutionally protected rights needs to stop!  When something horrible happens, due to the evil in someone’s heart, that’s not the time to manipulate the Country to the left.  Before jumping on the “more laws” bandwagon, first ask yourself, “Did this tragedy happen because we didn’t have enough laws?”  If you discover that the horrible events happened because of evil-hearted people, more laws can’t cure that.

Let’s be intelligent enough to treat each tragedy as a calamity, a disaster, a catastrophe and not take advantage of the hurting to push for laws that will hurt even more innocent people.

When you think of the national momentum to blame gun owners, what is the proper response?

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  • Roland A. Miller

    All very good reasons to support 2d amendment issues. All people need to know that the 2d amendment was written to protect us from a government that tries to take away our rights and freedoms. Just like this gun issue is trying to do.
    We have to protect ourselves from these groups that want to make us defenseless victims. They are afraid of us. They are cowards that only want others they approve of defending them.

  • David G. Baugh

    It was a government orchestrated false flag event, and, since I’ve seen no evidence to prove that there was anyone actually killed, and some convincing evidence showing that no one was actually killed, I believe the whole thing was a hoax committed with specific intent to launch the political agenda of gun control leading to gun confiscation, as well as further rendering of public schools into social/political forced indoctrination centers.

  • George Thompson

    That the GOA (Gun Owners of America) does not negotiate might be the reason many NRA members are switching memberships. Why would any patriotic American negotiate with those whose goal is to overthrow our Republican form of government? Can they who are bleeding negotiate with the surrounding sharks? There is no fair and balanced between good and evil. Even voting for the lesser of two evils, yields evil. The evil party calls itself progressive because their every negotiation gets them just a bit closer to their world unified by their visions of control by their master race. The only way to negotiate with such is to laugh at their every point.

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