Father’s Day

Father's Day 1
Our grandson stopped by the bookstore the other day for a visit.  It’s never too early to start them on a merchandising project.

I wish all of our readers a happy Father’s Day this Sunday.  They deserve honor. The great men of this Country have a heavy responsibility for guiding their families with the moral backbone necessary to right this ship.

Despite the “political correctness” trying to neuter all of us, fathers are irreplaceable.  Those who face this Father’s Day without their dads also know that fathers are essential and usually feel a void in their lives that remains as long as we live.  Fathers are not interchangeable with mothers.  Here is an article that explains some of the differences and why both are important.

Our Congress has used taxation to manipulate our Country into a state where fewer children than ever are growing up with the benefit of a father in the home.  There are ways to correct this path, but not if we continue in our current direction.

We need people in public offices who understand the importance of the family.  Many government expansion programs are designed to replace families with bureaucracies.

This is a battle for our autonomy and the freedom to govern ourselves as we see fit.  It’s more important than ever to have people in office who can fight against this creeping Socialism.  The good fathers of our Nation deserve an extra round of applause for all they have done to stabilize our culture and transmit values for the next generation.  Thanks, Dads!

This is a picture of my dad, Gordon Gosh.   He has provided me with an example of a great father.
This is a picture of my dad, Gordon Gosh.  
He has provided me with an example of a great father.


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It takes a lot of energy and effort to run a campaign.  You are part of the solution. Share this with other who may care about the direction our Country is headed.  If you are interested in our campaign, want to donate or volunteer, please go to:
CynthiaDavis.us If you want to help the effort, but can’t make our event, you can still volunteer or donate to the cause.

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3.)  Enjoy our podcast this week and share it with friends.  It will encourage you. If you want to get a notice every time we have a new podcast, just click the highlighted button to sign up on iTunes.

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