This week we harvested our first tomatoes from our garden.  If one were to factor in the cost of city water and the expenditure of time at minimum wage, it would be far less expensive to buy tomatoes from the store.  However, there are some things in life far more satisfying than what can be measured economically.  

The purpose of this commentary is to explain the consequential economics behind our recent supreme court decisions.  However, there are far more emotional costs happening in our country today that cannot be measured on a monetary scale.

The implementation of Obamacare, the rising cost of fuel and the value of the dollar have all combined to depress our economy.  At every juncture whenever our congress or executive branch had the option of making a decision, they seem to have gone the most costly route.  A few examples of this are refusing to audit the Federal Reserve, granting more legislative authority to unelected bureaucrats and refusing to limit spending that falls outside the proper role of government.

On top of all this, the supreme court, as well as other courts, are making decisions that cost the taxpayers as if the money drops into our treasury from outer space.  Aside from what this is doing economically, we should also ask what is this doing to us emotionally.  What is happening to the “Spirit of America”?  It is still there, but appears to be in hibernation.  A mighty act of God can still turn our country around.  It has happened before and can happen again.

Tonight on our “Home Front” radio show we will be talking with one of our best economists who will help you put all of these recent decisions into perspective.  Michael Courte, financial adviser, has been studying the impact of the tax code and will unfold some new impacts we will feel as a result of the changes in the “Defense Of Marriage Act” rules.

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Home Front Podcast for July 9, 2013

Tonight we will be talking with financial expert, David Courte, and marriage expert, David Usher.  You will get some unique insights on the impact to our economy originating from these two decisions.  Those of you who enjoy the details of the constitutionality of what the supreme court is doing will enjoy hearing David Usher offer some unique insights on the equality argument.

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