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This is a photo of me with my son celebrating his kindergarten graduation.   Even though the picture was taken a few years ago, it serves as a reminder that every year in the life of a child is important and to be valued as an opportunity to indelibly impact one's understanding of life.
This is a photo of me with my son celebrating his kindergarten graduation. Even though the picture was taken a few years ago, it serves as a reminder that every year in the life of a child is important and to be valued as an opportunity to indelibly impact one’s understanding of life.

Here is an excerpt from a newsletter sent to me by a current Missouri legislator:


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State Economy Continues to Grow

“The latest economic indicators are in and the good news is that Missouri’s economy continues to grow at a healthy rate. For the month of May, general revenue collections increased to $649.6 million, which is up 5.7 percent compared to May of last year. In total, revenues for the current fiscal year are up by 7.5 percent when compared to 2014 – from $7.32 billion last year to $7.87 billion currently.”

I am sure the intent of the legislator who sent this to me was to make me happy to know my State is raking in all this money, but is this good news or bad news?

It’s good news if you want your state to be flush with money, but it’s bad news if you understand that all that money came from “we the people”. Does that mean we are being overtaxed? Why is the State making a profit when so many of my constituents are still struggling? Have you ever noticed that when money coming in is low, they ask for a tax increase, but when money is coming in by the bushels, nobody ever asks for it to be given back to the taxpayers?

You may have been wondering what the government is doing with all that extra money lying around. While some people never seem to have enough, other organizations have so much of a surplus the only way they can get a handle on it, is to find other ways for government to take over more areas that belong to the family.

Summer School used to be a critical measure to help students who need credits or may otherwise fail. Now, with more parents wanting government sponsored free daycare, and government’s wanting to grow themselves as large as possible, Summer School is designed in some districts as being another place to get a free meal as well as a place to drop off your kids.

Summer School Enrollment Begins

Here are some excerpts from a recent Facebook discussion:

“SPFD [Springfield School District] summer school registrations have spiked to 7K this summer, the report says expanded bus service and free meals are a reason. I have noticed since living here free services always brings out the masses.”

“It’s time that government just warehouses them from 5 AM until 8 PM Monday thru Friday and perhaps feed them on Saturday as well”

“In Licking, when my son was in High School, they paid the kids to go to summer school. They got a $125 dollar Walmart gift card if they had perfect attendance.”

” In Warrenton they are giving gift cards up to $100 based on attendance for 20 days of summer school along with free meals and enrollment is up greatly.”

Perhaps they should also buy beds for the kids. They can go out to the barracks at night and then the parents will be relieved of having the hardship of putting their kids to sleep at night.

Just think about how productive the parents could be at work the next day if they didn’t have the burden of waking up their kids and getting them dressed in the morning. Just think of how much more productive the parents would be at work if they didn’t have to be home at night to feed their kids dinner. The parents could even work late at night because they have no obligation to go home.

With all the productivity in the workforce, the parents could get more pay, which means more income taxes paid to the government.

More taxation = more governmental expansion = one step closer to a completely socialized government.

Is that what we want???

There is no logical end point for governmental encroachment on the family. The end point used to be when the government ran out of money, but they have found a way to work around many of those obstacles to get to the desired result.

We are heading toward a totalitarian form of government. The more government does, the less the families will do. When I write a newsletter like this, I will get a response like this: “The parents are so lousy today, that the schools are their only hope of growing up normally.”

This is what the governmental bureaucrats want you to believe so they can expand government. To accept this philosophy is to buy into the idea that government is better than the home. Who will be a clarion voice to warn parents that we will be trading away our children?

We could also cite the examples of teachers who have molested their students and make a case why it’s better for children to be with their parents. We cannot mature as a civilization if we lose our parental influence on the next generation. The one who is rocking the cradle is ruling the world. Do we really want paid staff to rock our children’s cradles?”


1.) Resist the temptation to vote for more tax increases. Most of these new programs are created because the government already has surplus money. The only cure for alcoholism its to quit drinking and wait for your body to dry out on its own.

2.) Offer some meaningful employment to your neighborhood teens this summer. Whether it is mowing your lawn, pulling weeds, or painting your house, they need to learn that there is more dignity in earning money than being babysat until they are 18 years old.

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  • Bob Peck

    Excellent insights! Thank you for addressing this elephant in the room that no one seems to notice – the government takeover of the family where parents exist merely to breed workers for the state which takes over all of the training, and now even the feeding, of those children from the earliest age.

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