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Last week, my daughter and I went to a Thrive event.  Thrive works to help mothers in difficult circumstances and save lives of the unborn in the St. Louis area.  They raised over a million dollars!  In the middle of all this chaos, it’s good to know there are some bright spots in our State!


An impeachment is an effort to undo an election.  According to the US Constitution, an impeachment is for “high crimes”, meaning something very serious, not for the purpose of playing silly partisan games.  In 1998, Nancy Pelosi told us that the reason we have an impeachment is because of the partisan hatred.   Listen to the words of Nancy Pelosi and Joe Biden.

While some people think this is about Republican vs. Democrat, it’s really about the “Establishment Elite” vs. “We The People”.  It’s not about “Left” vs. “Right” as much as it’s about good vs. evil.  We have one party that controls 1/6 of the National Government more concerned about disrupting our government than legislating.

It amazes me how many people want Donald Trump impeached but don’t even know why.  If the Democrats are successful, no office will ever be stable again.  This attack is based upon hearsay, but if they are willing to break the rules of the House, we should all hold them accountible.  I urge you to not allow yourself to be manipulated by the media hype.

Does it appear that this “impeachment inquiry” is really a made-for-cable-TV political soap opera?  Congressional Democrats are making their 2020 political campaign early at no cost to them.  The House has not voted as a body to authorize an impeachment inquiry. So all we have is partisan theatrics.   What has happened to our civility?

Many of us don’t realize the depth and viciousness of the deep state. The quest to win at any cost is causing us to lose the very fabric of our representative Republic. To attempt to get their way they are willing to endanger all the security we enjoy as a civilized Country. Do they really want to live in a lawless country? Think Venezuela or China or Russia.
No thanks!

What are your thoughts on this impeachment ?


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  • George Thompson

    I am more afraid of what the Republicans will not do in defense of OUR Constitution, OUR Country, and OUR President than I am of the redundant assaults the Party of Slavery commits against OUR Constitution, OUR Country, and OUR President. By not taking seriously their oath to support and defend the Constitution of the United States against all enemies DOMESTIC and foreign, they have become the useful idiots who by standing by and doing nothing are willing to let evil prevail.

  • Larry DeRousse

    They have no intention of going to impeachment.
    Its a disruption tactic to keep Trump from accomplishing anything
    and to keep everybody stirred up. Also to try to turn the undecided
    against Trump

  • Dan Jestic

    While the current administration is being undermined–and America by extension–this scorched America policy only occurs when a conservative wins. Republicans don’t have such a killer instinct: W Bush backed off Fannie Mae auditing when Waters called him a racist (hence the mtg meltdown); Neither McCain nor Romney would say ANYTHING bad about Obama (saving their big guns for the Tea Party); all it took for Jeff Flake to flip was one lady in an elevator….White Flag Republicans, surrendering at the first shot lest THEY be divisive or offensive.

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