Cynthia Davis will run for Lt. Governor

Announcement Speech

Cynthia_in_Kansas_CityToday we launch an effort to take the second highest office in the State of Missouri. I am running for Lieutenant Governor because it is time to put principles ahead of politics.

Government is broken.

It no longer works for the people, but only for the big money special interests. And the problem isn’t just in Washington D.C., it is in Jefferson City as well.

For three weeks we have witnessed a circus in Jefferson City that has cost taxpayers over $175,000. All because some people think it would be a good idea for taxpayers to subsidize a so-called China Hub. Never mind that China is an unfair trading partner or that dumping more cheap goods on the market will only hasten the loss of American manufacturing jobs. Never mind that it is not the role of government to subsidize one business at the expense of another. The moneyed special interests want it, and the Speaker of the House and others, are doing everything in their power to appease their political benefactors.

This is exactly why 80% of the people disapprove of the way their government is being run and it is why the time is here for the voters of Missouri to send the failed leadership of both political parties a message.

In announcing, I want to specifically address three groups:

To the Republicans: We have spent many years together. Some of the Republicans I have known feel they are in an elite club where their loyalty to the insiders won’t allow them to see the truth of how far their candidates have strayed from it. However, the majority of you are Republican for other reasons. We were Republican because we believed in limited government, personal responsibility and sound economics. We hold these foundational values in common, but our leadership and the system let us down.

I am your only choice if you believe in the sanctity of life, limited government and fiscal responsibility. If the Speaker of the House prevails in the Republican Primary, neither he nor the Democratic candidate will stand for the principles you and I share. They simply offer MORE OF THE SAME, bigger government, wasted tax dollars, special interest favors, and folding when VALUES conflict with the first three.

One thing you have learned from me in eight years in the Missouri House is that I won’t fold and I won’t bend when it comes to our fundamental values.

I thought I was going to be a Republican all my life as well until I saw the truth of what they are doing to us. Stay with me and you will finally have an office holder who is brave enough to do the right thing and adhere to our core values.

To the Democrats: We have some common ground. We may disagree, but I have never discouraged honest debate nor questioned the sincerity of those with whom I disagree. There are Democrats who also care about honest government and long for candidates who have integrity. Even when I ran as a Republican, I had many Democrat supporters tell me they have never voted for a Republican in their lives, but they are supporting me now because they recognize me as someone who is sincere and can be trusted. You will be proud of your choice because you will have someone who is trustworthy, honest, has integrity and who will always keep my door open to you.

To those who are Independent, support the Constitution Party or consider yourself part of the TEA Party movement: You hold all the power. There are not enough Republicans or Democrats to take any office by themselves. The best part is that there are more of you every day!

Thank you for bringing our state back to reality and showing both major parties that it is not about them—-it is about “We the people”. You represent the hope for our future. No longer will we be duped by the status quo trying to manipulate us into falling in line just to make others happy. We are about to prove a point to both major parties that we are smarter than that. We are about to embark on a crusade that will create national attentions and forever re-define what is meant by “The Show Me State”. The people of Missouri are very freedom loving — more so than many states.

You represent the true American spirit. This is the spirit we had when our country had the courage to break away from England and declare our independence. This is the spirit that allowed our founders to pledge their live, their fortunes and their sacred honor. In that same spirit, I pledge to you today my life, fortune and sacred honor for the cause of liberty.

This election will be about our ability to move beyond complaining and actually solving problems. The future of our state and nation depends upon people who have the courage to ignore the partisan politics and start voting for people who are willing to get the job done. History will record with the greatest astonishment that when the voters were actually presented with a real choice they finally moved our state forward.

The reason I am running for Lieutenant Governor is because this office will allow me to continue communicating with our citizens the positive message of getting our government back on the tracks. The Lt. Gov. is the only member of both the legislative and the executive branch of government and our state would be best served by having a Lt. Governor who is independent of both major political parties. We are tired of the cronyism that has made government repugnant to the spirit of the people. We are tired of those who listen more to the lobbyists and highest bidders than to common sense. We are tired of pandering politicians who say one thing just to get elected and then do whatever they please after they get into office.

I am the one to hold the two parties accountable!

I am engaging in this race because I have looked at the leadership of this State and I am not impressed. You are here today because you are not impressed either. And if you are not impressed, don’t just sit there and be depressed…let’s roll up our sleeves and do something about it!

We are hearty, brave and tough. We care about doing what is right regardless of the cost. We are in this for the long haul. Thank you.

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