Cynthia Davis Receives the Exclusive Endorsement

250,000 Pro-Life Voters Will Have a Choice

LifeflowersSince the readers of my “State Talk” newsletter are so important to me, I wanted you to be among the first to know.  In case you felt the earth quake and wondered what that was about, here is the story.  Missouri Right to Life made a courageous and bold move and is endorsing my candidacy for Lt. Governor.  This is causing ripples across the nation because I am running on the Constitution Party ticket.  However, when the other two major parties fail to field candidates who are capable of promoting our values, it becomes necessary to seek other options.

The biggest problem the voters have is trying to tell the difference between the candidates who shoot hot air and the real deals.  Fortunately, Missouri Right to Life has done extensive homework to make it clear for us to know.

Here is a quote from the letter they sent me:

“This endorsement represents our selection of you as the only candidate in your race who will be an effective voice for the protection of innocent human life.  Missouri Right to Life is the leading Pro-Life advocacy organization statewide, representing over 250,000 Pro-Life Missourians.”  

Here is a copy of my press release in case you want to read it and share it with your friends:

250,000 Pro-Life Missouri Voters Urged To Support
Cynthia Davis for Lt. Governor By Missouri Right to Life

In what could be a game changer in November, former State Representative Cynthia Davis became the only candidate to be endorsed as the Pro-Life candidate for Missouri Lt Governor by Missouri Right to Life.  No Republican or Democratic candidate running for Lt. Governor received the endorsement of this respected and influential group.

In response, Davis said “We are changing the political landscape. This is the first time Missouri Right to Life has ever endorsed anyone on the Constitution Party ticket. This endorsement is good news for the Pro-Life voters because they deserve a true champion of our values—not just lip service at election time.”

Cynthia Davis is running a true grass roots campaign on the platform of “Principles, not Politics” and holding the others accountable. She has been speaking at rallies, 9/12 groups, property rights councils, Tea Parties, patriot groups and women’s organizations throughout the state.

Never before have so many voters been disappointed with the options offered by the Republican and Democrat parties. “Republicans claim to be Pro-Life, but have failed to offer their voters any real choices on the ballot for those who want a Pro-Life option. The Democrat Party doesn’t even pretend to care about life issues, though many individual Democratic voters are Pro-Life and welcome the option of voting for a candidate who respects life.  “With the majority of Missourians wanting a champion for Pro-Life issues, I am happy to have this endorsement and the support of thousands of informed Pro-Life voters who want to elect people of principle to office,” said Cynthia Davis.

Missouri Right to Life only gives their endorsement to candidates who have demonstrated a commitment to Pro-Life issues including opposition to abortion, human cloning, assisted suicide and euthanasia. While Cynthia Davis was in the Missouri House of Representatives, especially while serving as the Chairman of the Children and Families Committee, she proved her unwavering commitment to life. Missouri Right to Life is the oldest and most credible Pro-Life organization which estimates there are over a quarter of a million informed Pro-Life voters in our state.

The letter from Missouri Right to Life

We know some candidates get hurt feelings over not being endorsed, but if the process involved just picking the best schmoozers, it would be of no benefit to the voters who are attempting to be discerning.  Two years ago, the President of Missouri Right to Life explained some of the endorsement process whereby they select their endorsed candidates.  You can
View video here:

Your thoughts on knowing which candidate is the one who will protect life are important to me, so please share what you think here:
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