No, she is not shooting him with a gun.  She’s shooting him with a thermometer!  People cannot enter the St. Louis City Hall unless they can prove they have no fever.  I’m not as worried about the Coronavirus as I am worried about the government ruining my life and my business.  While some people are busy at the stores buying up all the toilet paper, our Congress was busy trying to pass new laws and our Governors were trying to declare emergencies in our states.  Our schools and most restaurants and churches are closed.

When our Country was attacked on 9/11, the government spent huge sums of taxpayer dollars to permanently change our way of life, including the TSA, which offers mandatory harassment of all the passengers before they can ride airplanes.  Are the “Big Government” proponents using this to take away more of our freedoms?

The latest bill from Washington DC would pay people to stay at home if they have children who are home because school was cancelled.  Who’s going to pay for this?  The taxpayers, of course!  Well, then why don’t people get paid to stay at home if they have the flu, a stomach virus or a headache?

The Democrats are pushing the pro-abortion agenda and maximum spending in case the power shifts in the House in November.  The furst bill Nancy Pelosi put forth allowed for abortion funding into the bill to fix the Corona Virus.   We should be furious!    Although the problem was resolved before the final bill passed, they wonder why we don’t trust them.

People are acting irrational.  If all the toilet paper factories were bombed and if trucks could no longer make deliveries, we would be able to understand the concern over the availability.  However, there is no shortage in the manufacturing or distribution to warrant such a panic.  

This crisis has certainly given us great insights into how easily our economy can be disrupted.  As a business owner myself, I am in a vulnerable spot.  I have to still pay rent, utilities and invoices for the stock still arriving!  This crisis is destroying the stock market and many brick and mortar businesses.

Those who don’t like the President are trying to destroy him before the November elections.  Their impeachment effort failed, so now they are hoping everyone who gets sick between now and November and will blame President Trump for it.

The text says:  “Corona Virus has a contagion factor of 2! SARS was 4. Measles is 18. Corona has a cure rate of 99.7% FOR THOSE UNDER 50 IT INFECTS. This is a viral-pneumonia being hyped as the Black Plague before an election.”

We all want to be healthy.  We are willing to do our part to help our Country.  However, the results of this virus are far deeper and more devastating than something going on in our bodies.  In this case, the cure may be worse than the disease!  Let’s stop creating our own crisis.

What is the proper response to the Coronavirus? 


1.)  Keep shopping at the local businesses.  Resist the effort to start getting everything delivered by the internet.  The people in local establishments are hurting and need you far more than any online conglomerate.  When this crisis is over, the internet will still be there, but many of your local businesses may have to close down permanently.  Besides, when  you buy locally, you get to watch your business owner dance a jig and appreciate you.  Your efforts to support them at this time will be the highlight of their day!  This is the essence of what it means to be in a community!  If you need anything that’s Christian, please contact me.  Back To Basics Christian Bookstore.

2.)  Listen to our show and share it with your friends who need to hear it.   You can find our latest podcast here.

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On our show today, we talk with America’s favorite lawyer, Darrell Castle. Darrell and I discuss the hysteria surrounding the coronavirus.

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  • Paul Kalil

    I have received and read your communications long enough, my absence in your mailing list will not be noticed. Your anti-government rantings have finally wore through and with your latest effort here to downplay the significance of the COVID19 pandemic mixed in with the government is put to get us should finally convince whoever is left on your mailing list to unsubscribe.

    I’m going to assume any assistance you receive from the government will be returned, because we all know your belief that you should all pull yourself by your own bootstraps.

  • George Thompson

    What we should do is live our lives as normally as possible as OUR country devolves into the madhouse it has threatened to become since LBJ successfully nudged Congress into passing legislation designed to keep the descendants of authentic American slaves voting for the party that enslaved those ancestors for a full 10 score years. I humbly believe that the COVID-19 pandemic panic is the intended consequence of collusion between the Swamp’s Never-Trumpsters and the Chinese dictator/god to accomplish what the Swamp’s “Impeach Trump” bogus attempts failed to accomplish: Xi because our President never acknowledged him as the universal supreme being; those suffering from Trump Derangement Syndrome (TDS) because they prefer the road to serfdom over the Way of the Cross. Plunging the USA into another depression will surely accomplish their goal because unless an incumbent president has the popular news outlets lying for him as did FDR and does BHO, he will bear all the blame for the disaster, and Bolsheviks like “Good Catholic abortionist” quid pro quo joe biden, or “Lenin’s Tomb honeymoom” feel the burnie sanders will be chosen to fix a problem they helped cause. If the Kentucky Derby can be moved from the first Saturday in May to the first Saturday in September, the 2020 National Election can be moved from the first Tuesday in November until whenever the DNC approves. Whenever this election is held vote for One Nation under God, there is no other choice that loves our unalienable rights to Life, Liberty, and the Pursuit of Happiness.

  • LV Randolph

    We have another virus in our land, a Cultural Virus, CV-2020…Some are actually wishing for wider spread of the CV-19 to ensure an economic recession as a means to defeat the movement against the deep state….. Too bad….CV-2020 is like a phobia of sorts…Viritasaphobia (fear of truth).

  • Anthony Gogel

    Mrs. Davis,

    I am a supporter of yours, and am well aligned with your ideologies and views of how government should be exercised.

    However, I beleive it is a mistake at this point in time to rush to judgement on the severity of COVID-19, and the harm that it will cause to human beings. And I especially disagree with your use of a photograph of a placard placed on a doctors office, estimating epidemics with election years, and loosely calculated percentages of infection and cure rates.

    I share this with you with the utmost respect.

  • Dr. Wes Scroggins

    I believe our concern should be the loss of our liberties. The loss of our liberties is a much greater threat at this time than is the virus itself.

    Do we still have a Constitutional Republican form of government? I am afraid the result of all this will be that we do not. It will exist in word only. The government has taken control of private business and shut many of them down. It has forbidden the constitutional right of assembly (First Amendment right) as though it does not even exist. For the first time in my memory in this country, the government has forbidden the Church to assemble for worship under the threat of fines and imprisonment. Do we still have a Constitutional Republic?

    What also concerns me is the source of this government overreach and tyranny. I always thought such tyranny would come from Washington D. C. It is not in this case. It is coming from the state and local levels. It is governors, and more commonly, county commissioners, mayors, and city councilmen at the very local levels, who have just issued edicts denying s first amendment rights. This is very concerning, as many of these very local officials here in Missouri are Republican, and fill our churches on Sunday.

    I believe our number one response as Missourians must be to address this unconstitutional government overreach by our local officials.

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