Come to the Family Table

This is a picture of me with a lot of great friends.  There is something to be said about sweet fellowship with like-minded people around the table.

Do any of you remember the show from the 1960s called, Petticoat Junction?  In the episode we watched recently,everyone went into the parlor after dinner to sing.  It’s hard to imagine what life would be like without modern electronics, but families used to find plenty of ways to have fun without the internet, video games, cell phones, tablets, laptops and other various electronic amusements.

Mental illness, loneliness, depression and addictions have only increased as we’ve become busier and less connected to one another.  Happiness and a sense of belonging start at home.  As a society, we have collectively forgotten some of the most important and enjoyable parts of life.

All of my friends are nice to me.  However, over the last few weeks people have been talking about how mean their friends have become while discussing political differences, especially on social media websites.  How sad.  We should all be on the same team!

There’s so much more we can experience when we get together and encourage one another.  So what can we do to reverse this trend and make life fun again?

I have full confidence that we can learn, straighten out the Country and enjoy our lives in a greater measure if we can talk and debate ideas around the table.  We can become better people and solve the world’s problems!

It always galls me when I hear someone like Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton say, “That’s not us”.  Who do they think we are?  Who said they could speak for us?  Yet, we have a golden opportunity to define what we really are by our interaction with those we can influence on a local level.

Home-spun hospitality, slowing down and relishing in deeper relationships with friends, families and neighbors is a step in the right direction.  I want to help point you the way on how to do this.

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How do you do dinner at your house?  Can you offer any advice for others caught in the rat race?

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1.)   Make dinner a priority.  Sit down with everyone at the table at a regular time and TALK with those at your table about what’s happening in their lives and in the world.  We try to eat every night at 6:00 p.m. and it has made a difference.

2.)  Invite me to speak.  If you have an event where you need a speaker, please let me know.  I am dedicating my energy on the places where I can make the greatest difference.  Please let the meeting organizer know that I can help your group understand the intersection of government and families in a way they may have never known before.  If you want me to come and help your efforts to educate and motivate your network, please click this button here:

3.)   The mission of Home Front continues.   We need your involvement to fund our ongoing efforts, research and equipment.  If you want to continue to support us in this effort, you can mail a check to this address:

Cynthia Davis, 1008 Highway K, O’Fallon, MO 63366.


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I sent that “Ancestry” site some information on my Family Tree.
They sent me back a pack of seeds and recommended I just start over.

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