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It seems like they're getting younger all the time.   This is my son at his kindergarten graduation.
It seems like they’re getting younger all the time.
This is my son at his kindergarten graduation.

All of us want our children to succeed. Some people are overachievers and want “Trophy Children”. Doing your best to raise your children with sound principles and moral integrity is the best social security program of all.

The “Back to School” sales are making people think about and prepare for the next school year. While lots of parents and grandparents are taking their children to extracurricular events, the Harding family members are driving their children to college. Kip and Mona Lisa Harding are doing something special. Out of ten children, the first seven have started college by the time they were twelve years old. We will have a conversation with them this week on our show and ask the question, “How do you do it?”

The Harding family doesn’t worry about all this “Common Core” business. They have a refreshing message of allowing their children to excel in their own passions. Instead of asking why the public schools cannot duplicate this, we need to ask how families can duplicate this. It, ultimately, comes down to creating a culture where children want and crave to learn.

We share some of their secrets on our show, Home Front, this week. My goal is to inspire all of you and to point to some examples that will inspire all of us to do things better.



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