Can You Change Your Gender?


Can You Change Your Gender 1

It seems like most “transgenders” trying to force their issues are men trying to get into the ladies’ locker rooms or bathrooms.  Have you ever heard of the reverse scenario – where women are trying to get into the men’s locker rooms or bathrooms?  I have not.

Men and women are different. More men like to see undressed women than women like to see undressed men.  Not to always use Washington State as an example of the extremism, but here is another story that just happened of a man trying to strip in front of a girls swim team claiming the new “transgender” laws allow him to do this.

There’s a push from many sides to sexualize our entire culture:  laws, court cases, public school classes, TV shows, movies and all the other “politically correct” cultural influences.  The efforts to showcase deviancy is designed to desensitize us and make us regard pathological behavior as normal and expected.

Some of the more notable stories from last year were about Bruce Jenner, public school board locker room policies, and our military’s new policy allowing “transgenders”.  There are plenty more examples I could add to this list, but we try to keep our articles short and believe you’ve already heard plenty.

The way society responds depends on the definition of this behavior.  The condition is called “gender dysphoria” or “gender-identity disorder”.  Some people consider it to be a form of mental illness.  Is it a mental illness?  Is it an effort to “progress” our country to focus on sex and homosexuality?  Is it an evolutionary statement?  Is it a bid for media attention?

While people are holding their own opinions, many in the media and governments are enacting vocabulary and public policies on the premise that contorted laws need to happen.  We are now seeing a day when some of our leaders are pushing for public policies destined to cause harm to women and children in the name of “political correctness”.

Is this philosophy helping or hurting?  After the shock value has worn off, more than 41% of “transgenders” attempt suicide.  Most have regrets.  The vast majority of “transgenders” are men attempting to look like women.

Regardless of drugs or surgeries, men are still men and women are still women.

For thousands of years the Olympic competitions allowed us to view outstanding feats of human athleticism.  The reason steroids were not allowed was because it would turn the Olympics into a freak show.  If men are allowed to compete against women, they might as well allow steroid use to alter the hormones nature didn’t supply.

My advice to any and all women wanting to compete in the Olympics is to skip it altogether if they are going to have to compete against men.  Men wanting to compete as women could win, but the spirit of honest competition is gone.  If the Olympics committee discovers it is hosting a competition exclusively for “trans-gendered” men, the decision makers may get the message and decide to return the competitions back to reality.

Men appear to enjoy competing against women because it is highly likely they will win, but who is standing up for the women?  “Transgenders” want to compete  to gain attention, win competitions and attempt to normalize deviancy.  If the management caves under political pressure, it will be at the cost of honest competition—the hallmark of good sportsmanship.

The more we allow bureaucratic entities to foist a philosophical position on us, the worse it will become.  Most are starting to agree with the Johns-Hopkins Psychiatrist who said sex changes are biologically impossible and that mental disorders are not corrected by surgery .

This week on our show, I talk with a man who pretended to be a woman for a few years.  He shares some of his insights on what he discovered in the process.


1.)  Do not buy into the hype.  Those who want us to pretend they can change their genders need kindness, but they don’t need drugs or surgeries, especially at the expense of the taxpayers.  We can help people if we continue to use the proper vocabulary words to describe the situation.  It’s important to treat every human being with dignity and respect because we are all made in the image of God.  However, we shouldn’t need more laws so long as we still have free markets, an understanding of biology and common sense.

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  • RWPeck

    I’ve always known the right side of the issue to be on and it should only take the plain text of God’s word to settle the matter. However, I really appreciate the insightful information in this article and the accompanying podcast. It’s one thing to know what is spiritually right, but it’s refreshing to hear the physical facts and information that correspond – it’s like pulling all the pieces of the puzzle together and seeing the whole picture.

  • Gordon Gosh

    This is certainly a subject that needs to be addressed since the focus has been to overwhelm us with acceptance or else be ridiculed and passing laws to force approval of this evil or disease, whatever you want to call it.

  • Paul D. Werner

    God made man and women not Shims and no matter what they call themselves ,
    Their D>N>A> Won’t lie only their Plastic Surgeons

  • Gary Bowling

    I know the right answer is in the word of God. “So God created man in his own image, in the image of God he created him; male and female he created them.” Gen. 1:27. This transgender thing is undoubtedly immorality that is a direct result of a fallen world in which we live.
    I obey the law of my state and government to the point of conflicting with Gods commandments and laws. I will obey the Righteous Judge over the created judge.

  • Dan Jestic

    I think all this gender talk boils down to this: a person either thinks/believes that gender stereotypes are valuable to society, or gender confusion is better. I cast my lot with traditionalists. Already, the unintended consequences are alarming; a cross dressing male student asserting rights to use the ladies room…. parents wanting to re-gender their 8 yr old.

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