Why is Abortion Still Legal?

As my sign says, we need to stop the real war.



Why is abortion still legal? Modern medicine, current science and political surveys demonstrate that abortion is destroying a human being. More people than ever realize that unborn people deserve all the rights and protections afforded to any other human being. Yet, abortion on demand is still legal in our Country.

If all the political candidates were as pro-life as they claim, abortion would no longer be done. Instead of taking care of business, they pussyfoot around with token mutations. Years tick by and abortion is still legal.

Is an incremental approach a pacifier? NOTHING says ANTI-LIFE as much as taking an abortion provider – Planned Parenthood – that hadn’t been able to do abortions since 2015 and passing laws which now have created a scenario where they can start performing abortions again.

Any law that says in essence, “…after you comply with these rules, then it’s okay to kill unborn people….”, is a bill that allows government-sanctioned death. The net result is a government that gives approval to human destruction. Our goal is to protect innocent human beings—not make a way for them to be killed in a more upscale setting!

On our show today, we interview Riley Hood from Wisconsin.  Here is the interaction he had with his Governor:

“I started writing to the Governor of Wisconsin to stop the murder of innocent pre-born babies, and uphold Wisconsin’s 940.04 Statute annually since 1992.  The first response I ever received was a form letter from Governor Walker, saying that creating 250,000 new jobs is his first priority.  This reminded me of when Newt Gingrich stated that his Contract with America must be implemented before he can think of combating abortion.

If we restored the Moral Order first, that would go a long way towards restoring the Republic.  The pre-born can’t survive the abortion procedure which is by design meant to murder them.  You and I can survive three days without water, a month without food, and a lifetime without a robust economy.  While I want people to have access to water, food, and a prosperous America, the preborn shouldn’t have to wait another minute to have their Right to Life re-secured.”

What needs to happen to stop killing our unborn babies in this Country?

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1.)   Have frank conversations with candidates who want your vote.  Ask them what they’re doing to stop abortion.  If they say, “We need to work on the economy first.”, that will give you a great insight into what’s important to them. 

Those who claim to be Christians need to stand against abortion.  It might be in a letter to the editor, a conversation with friends or putting our elected officials on notice that we cannot support their inaction.  We will be held accountable for our silence!

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  • Art LeBeau

    Think about it, what have the pro-life groups done in the last 45 yrs? A lot of rhetoric and drawing nice paychecks but little proactive action. My suggestion, file lawsuits against all doctors in these murder mills of babies for “murder”. If a woman is killed with a child in her womb the killer gets charged with the baby murder also. So we file numerous lawsuits against these doctors, hospitals, etc. We file assisted murders charges against the assistants. A jury trial to be demanded. I am certain you will see convictions and change in the murders (abortion) of innocent children. It has not been tried –see what happens.

  • Dan Jestic

    Just last wk!: the same liberals deciding 6, 7, 8,9 months into pregnancy to abort are the ones screaming that a 3 day abortion waiting period cannot stand! The ACLU, as I recall, is in on it, too!…big Constitutional issue that 3 day period!

  • Art LeBeau

    I don’t like to post twice, except this is important:
    Claire McCaskill voted against the Pain Capable Unborn Child Protection Act. (3 Democrats did for “for” it)
    The priest where she goes to Mass should forbid her entry into the church until she repents of this murdering of babies. The church (all of them) need to take a proactive stand on this and members who support abortion should be chastised. VOTE HER OUT THE END OF THIS YEAR!

  • Clay

    Join movements like AbolishHumanAbortion.com, whose goal is to end abortion instead of regulating it as has been done for over 45 years with the ‘prolife’ movement. Support Dan Fisher for Governer campaign in Oklahoma, who is a leader/pastor who will fight to AbolishHumanAbortion in his state. Join the ‘Time for Justice’ event in Oklahoma City beginning March 2nd in Oklahoma City.

  • Vicky

    Because it has been the catalyst of great wealth and power for a small group of psychopaths and the immoral scavengers that feed off them. Some of which enjoy ripping unborn infants limb from limb, while others desire their tiny body parts for scientific experimentation, replacing lab rats and other soulless animals. Abortion also has a steady supply of adulterers, fornicators, whores, whoremongers and child molesters whose only concern is getting rid of the evidence and consequences of their immoral or criminal actions.
    Abortion serves the sick and the wicked of the world, so it’s very telling that our corrupt government and supreme court violated the constitution and God’s law to make it legal. The Federal government has been the top commander in Satan’s Army of reprobates. Forcing abortion, abhorrent immoralities, and other crimes of conscience on communities that oppose them, across the globe.

  • Art LeBeau

    Pete our Constitution and the free will given us by our government & Creator allows you post what you have. However I also have that right so I will confront you with this: Lord Jesus I do not know Pete’s relationship with You, but Jesus hear my prayer that Pete will repent of this sin and come to You for forgiveness & salvation, and that Pete will not be condemned for his ungodly words. Thank you Jesus & perhaps others will join asking Jesus to help Pete,

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