Where in the World is Cynthia Davis?

Here in the Home Front news room, we were scrambling to get this week’s newsletter ready for publication and frantically searching for Cynthia (who was nowhere to be found) when the phone rang….

“Hello, this is Cynthia Davis and I’m on vacation.”

“What?!!!”, we shouted.

Well, to make a long story short, there was this family reunion and Bernie decided to take the long way home.  Cynthia will be home and back in the Home Front saddle next week.  In the meantime enjoy this week’s intriguing podcast with Eric Moutsos.

Signed, her staff…

PS:  Here is a clue as to her whereabouts…


Eric Moutsos is a former officer with the Salt Lake City Police Department in Utah.  In 2014, he was asked to turn in his badge and firearm then placed on administrative leave until he was asked to resign in 2015.  Eric’s crime?  Although he was willing to provide police security for the event, Eric refused to participate in a Gay Pride parade because he felt that being part of a motorcycle choreography team would give the impression that he supported a lifestyle which his religious beliefs did not support.

What would  you do if you were asked to give up your religious freedom in order to keep your job?   In this week’s podcast find out what has happened to Eric since then, his new book, and what he plans for the future.


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