Transforming Society

This photo says it all.  A man, trying to shock people, dresses up in a weird costume.  The parents turned off their natural instincts to protect their children and brought them to see this phenomenon.  Perhaps, it’s like taking children to a free “freak show” in a circus.  I feel sorry for these innocent children.

You can see from the picture that the baby is not buying it!  Despite the mother trying to foist this on her, a freak is a freak!

The transgender agenda is the pedophile agenda.  This is designed to confuse the children about who they are so predators will have easy access to them.  Those who want to do harm to them are taking the first step to desensitize them.  No society can survive when the children are being brainwashed in this kind of social engineering.

Some people have compared us to Sodom and Gomorrah, but we have exceeded the evil of Sodom and Gomorrah.  Back then, their citizens engaged in adult perversion.  This is about the systematic defilement of children and it will get worse from here if we do nothing to stop it.

The deviancy movement is part of the plan to establish supremacy and destroy the family.  The push for interchangeability of men and women strikes at our identity as people.  Socialism and Communism can’t work unless the family is destroyed.  A strong family foundation for America is the way we can prevent the Globalist agenda from overwhelming us.

The only answer is for us to stand firm, warn others and be the contrast between light and darkness.  We need to get as many people into the lifeboats as possible.  We need to have a heart that cares about truth and doing right.

Focus on loving your families and your neighbors.  Live redemptively within your sphere of influence!  Make bubbles of righteousness and peace and bring others into the lifeboats while we still have the opportunity to speak out.

Here is the face of evil:

Are they doing “Drag Queen” shows for children in your area?


1.)     Listen to our show and share it with others.  We  inverview Scott Lively, an expert on this subject, who gives us context on what’s happening.   You can find it here.

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  • Lloyd Selberg

    Absolutely one of the best podcast. You are missing out if you don’t take the time to listen. I just recommend my current state Representative listen on his way home from the Capital after attending Governor’s signing a veterans bill passed last secession.

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