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What Kind of Volunteers Does it Take To Run a Statewide Campaign? 

While most other candidates have to pay people to help them, I have one of the most remarkable collection of volunteers ever!  Jerry Dollar painted the sign, more volunteered to walk in three parades, but the tee-shirt story topped it all.


Curtis Shipman from Sedalia offered to print the shirts, but we needed to get them to Salem, Desoto and O’Fallon.  On Monday, Curtis drove the shirts from Sedalia to his appointment at the VA Hospital in Columbia.  There, Caroline Howell, who lives in Columbia met him and got the shirts to her house where her husband, Dan, drove them to Warrenton.  There he was met by David Lah who brought them to O’Fallon.  I met up with Donna in St. Louis and we made all the connections necessary to look great for all our parades.  With a remarkable amount of organization, concern for our state and a desire to make this happen, we had wonderful shirts to make us all look good!


But the story doesn’t stop there.  When we were nearly to the end of the parade a radiator hose malfunctioned dumping gallons of water onto the pavement.  The parade spectators got a reality TV moment of drama as they viewed a vehicle in trouble.  Without missing a beat, the precious folks from the float behind us, Stefanina’s Restaurant, started pushing our float to the end of the parade.  The onlookers cheered and we made it to the end.  Likewise, there are millions of Missourian’s watching and waiting for us to be there for them.  Some are willing to push and others are willing to cheer from the sidelines.  We need all.  When we emerge victorious, it will be a true statement of the people coming together to show the country of what Missourians are made.


We went over to a gas station to cool off and while there, Mike Laws offered his tools and buckets of water.  Mike and I served together on the O’Fallon Board of Aldermen in the 1990s.  What a joy to know that the community would be there to help and support each other at a time riddled with so many surprises.


While I am happy for the sake of my campaign that people are coming together, this also speaks to the spirit of Missourians.  We are brave, bold and capable of moving in big ways to accomplish our goals.  The American dream is not about money, greed and power.  It is about faith and using our ingenuity and fortitude to make our state a better place.  Thanks to all of you who are playing very special parts to create awareness that we will have a choice on the November ballot!

Bernie with Mike Laws, one of my colleagues on the O’Fallon Board of Aldermen.

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