• Scott Roberts – Worldviews


    Have you ever wondered why some people are so ignorant about certain issues? It’s been said that Theology drives Philosophy. Agreement starts with having a common understanding of life. On our show today, we discuss what’s wrong with Socialism and what the church is supposed to be doing. You’re going to hear about what is accomplished by going to a foreign country on a Missions trip, and how we can address poverty apart from growing government bigger and how to know the truth.

    Today we have Scott Roberts. Scott is from Bellingham, Washington where he pastors Hope in Christ Church.

  • The Story of Reality with Greg Koukl


    On our show today we have a conversation with one of the Country’s top experts on worldview. We discuss what’s wrong with our vocabulary, insights on the University of California at Berkley and why social justice is a mis-nomer.

    Today we have Greg Koukl. We discuss his newest book, The Story of Reality. Greg is also the founder and president of Stand to Reason and is an adjunct professor of Christian apologetics at Biola University.