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Proposed Article V Convention – Constitution Party Vice Chairman Randy Stufflebeam Offers a Counter Point of View


Is there a way to improve our US Constitution?  Want to learn the latest scoop on the Article V Convention?  Join us for a rousing discussion with Randy Stufflebeam, Vice-Chairman of the Constitution Party.  Randy will share with us the insider’s track on the real issues embedded into the Article V Convention.

Mark Levin has created quite a stir among conservatives and TEA Party types with his proposed Liberty Amendments. This has many talking about an Article V Convention, or “convention of the states” as some are calling it. However, conservatives and Constitutionists are divided as to the wisdom of calling a convention to amend the US Constitution.

If you were able to hear our show with Dave Cort, you won’t want to miss this episode to offer you the counter points we all must realize as we continue this important debate.

John Eidsmoe – Authority on the US Constitution


Celebrate Constitution Day with our special guest, John Eidsmoe.  John comes to us as an expert on Constitutional law and holds five degrees in law, theology and political science and has authored 12 books.  This is a rare opportunity to learn about some little known facets of our constitution and call in with questions.

Constitutional Expert Lloyd Sloan


Tonight we will be talking with our constitutional expert, Lloyd Sloan about Madisons Lost amendment, common core curriculum and new gun laws being passed in nearby states.