• Bioethics and Culture


    What is a person to do if you want a baby and haven’t been blessed with one through natural methods?  Today we talk with Jennifer Lahl, President and Founder of the Center for Bioethics and Culture.  She understands the taking the making and the faking of human life.  It’s all about human dignity on today’s show.

    You can find out more about the Center for Bioethics and Culture here:  www.cbc-network.org

    A lot of people understand what’s wrong with the abortion industry, but we tend to give fertilitiy clinics a free pass for whatever they want to do to human life.  Listen today to hear more about the right way to approach some very complicated issues.

  • Who’s the Baby’s Daddy?


    Liberals want to flaunt it, conservatives want to hide it, but who is going to expose it? The artificial insemination industry finally got some unwanted publicity when a white woman discovered that the secret father of her baby was black.

    Today we talk with Stephanie Blessing about some of the ramifications of wanton non-sexual procreation with strangers. As an added bonus, you will learn some replacement vocabulary words and the dirty little secrets as we pull back the sheets.