• Legislative Results of the 2012 Session

    Want to guess?  Government grew Bigger

    TPaine1Last week I attended the State Committee meeting in Columbia.  During the meeting I gave a brief overview of the legislative session.  Now that the dust has settled, it is clearer than ever.   Despite the fact that self identified “Conservatives” are in control of the legislature, our government continues to increase in size and intrusiveness every year.  This year was no exception.

    Many legislators try to justify their actions by claiming they have great reasons for voting to increase the expense and encroachment of government.  I know from spending eight years in the legislature how easy it is to follow the crowd while the taxpayers end up getting the shaft and the tab.  As a result, most bills now headed to the governor’s desk are unconstitutional, make government bigger, more oppressive, more expensive or are a waste of paper because the problem they seek to correct is already addressed in current law.  Additionally, the unintended consequences usually set off a new chain of foibles.